Animal Magnetism of 'The Animal Monologues' - Theatre Review

By Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

The Animal Monologues
Photo by Ed Krieger

As part of the 2nd Annual Solo Queens Festival at the Bootleg Theater, solo show The Animal Monologues puts front and center the semi-scientific idea that human reactions at their core are nothing more than our basest animal instincts.

Ideas are advanced through are variety of stunning elements that add up to one of the most meticulously sublime and high-tech productions rarely experienced in a solo show beginning with video projections designed by Ben Rock, illustrations and animations by Tahnee Gehm, cartoon animations by Kiernan Sjursen-Lien and music composed by David Poe. Additional team members include Edna Jones as the costume designer, Laura Escude as the Ableton Technologist and Clint Carney as the Bird Lab Animator.

Elaborate masks, clothing designs, music, movement, and monologues by comically anthropomorphized animal characters that are spoken, written and performed impeccably by Amy Raasch, take us through a spectrum of human fears, sadness, joy and a multitude of life complications with a deft simplicity that is as hilarious as it is biting.

Raasch is truly unique in skill and delivery, not content to merely tell a story but instead immerses the audience viscerally and intellectually for impact. The result is absolutely nonplus - high-def visual/audio/emotional impact.

The Animal Monologues is experimental theater at its most astonishing.

Very Highly Recommended

Written and Performed by Amy Raasch
Directed by Matthew McCray
Original Score by David Poe
Stage Manager Christina Bryan

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