Hollywood is Innovative and Hip, Unique, Entertaining, and Iconic

Hollywood is "Innovative and Hip"; "Unique"; "Cool"; "Fun"; "Entertaining"; "Iconic"; "Center of the Action"; "Exciting"-These are a few words describing today's Hollywood from the residents, workers and visitor respondents to the Hollywood Survey that was commissioned by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and conducted by Renegade Marketing recently.

As the economic revitalization of Hollywood continues to gain steam, the survey was designed to help all stakeholders better understand what Hollywood is today; what drives attitudes and behavior and identify challenges and opportunities that the community can work together to address.

The survey confirms that Hollywood is an iconic and exciting place. The findings reveal an ever changing, more diverse and extremely passionate community that many people care deeply about.

The community of Hollywood today is a place where residents are affluent, more likely to use public or alternate transportation, frequent the area's multiple cultural and dining options, and often use home as a primary or secondary office. The survey shows that people here want more options to shop locally and with an average annual income of $104,000 have ample resources.

In short, what many of us have believed has been confirmed. Hollywood is definitely on the move and the "center of the action." It's hoped that the survey will be used to attract businesses that will serve Hollywood's residents better and, hopefully, also provide visitors more options to spend while here.

Statistics show that the largest demographic is between 35-49, well educated with 77% having a college degree. Older residents reside in the Hollywood Hills, while a younger population has gravitated to the central core. We are consumers of arts and culture 43% go to movies; 32% attend music concerts and 32% take advantage of the local live theatre scene.

While Hollywood maintains its position as a tourism draw, residents find its rich history and iconic landmarks imbue it with a distinct character and flavor, a complex blend of old and new that enhances its appeal as a place to live and work.

Designed to provide the Chamber with information to identify attitudes and behavior in the community of Hollywood, Renegade Marketing used two focus groups, 50 person-on-the-street interviews and 1,659 online responses from residents, workers and visitors to create its conclusions. 

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