We Have to Go Back: The Lost Concert - Music Review

By Kathy Flynn

Michael Giacchino Conducting the Hollywood Studios Symphony Orchestra
Michael Giacchino Conducting the Hollywood Studios Symphony Orchestra
Photo by Gennia Cui for the Ford Theatres

Saturday night at the Ford Theatres, Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino and the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra presented music from Lost, the iconic tv series that ran on ABC for 6 season starting in 2004.

Michael Giacchino, Lost Creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lost, and cast members
(L-R) Andrea Gabriel, Emilie de Raven, Rebecca Mader, Michael Giacchino,
Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof
Photo by Gennia Cui for the Ford Theatres

The evening opened with a Q&A with the guests: Michael Giacchino, Lost creators and hosts for the evening, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and cast members Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Emilie de Raven (Claire), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Rebecca Mader (Charlotte), and Andrea Gabriel (Nadia).

The concert began at 8, with the iconic opening sequence from the pilot performed live by the orchestra. I have seen this episode many times, but it never fails to captivate. At that point I thought if the entire evening was just the pilot episode with a live orchestra, I would be happy. But no, the concert covered the gamut of Lost from the pilot episode all the way through to the final moments of "The End".

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof at the Lost Concert at the Ford Theatres
(L-R) Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof
Photo by John Bernstein

The music provoked a variety of emotions from the Bernard Herrmann vibes of "Smoke Monster", to the joy and excitement of "Exodus Part 2", to the humor of "Everybody Hates Hugo", to beauty and pathos of "The Constant".

Many of the compositions were played either on their own, without visual accompaniment, or over a montage of scenes from the show. Hearing the music live accompanying the shows visuals was magnificent, but when the orchestra played songs from the series on their own, it was easier to focus on the beauty of the compositions and the exquisite talent of the musicians. Michael Giacchino
(L-R) Michael Giacchino
Photo by John Bernstein
We learned that when the musicians would score the show, they weren't rehearsed, in fact they had never played it before. They would be hearing the music for the first time as they played it live. Incredible!

The actors each took a turn during the evening reading from the script that would introduce the next piece. Josh Holloway beautifully read a scene from the season 2 opener, "Man of Science, Man of Faith". Emilie de Raven read the heartbreaking scene from the season 3 finale, "Through the Looking Glass" where Charlie died. If there were any dry eyes after that, there certainly weren't at the end of the show, when the orchestra played along to the scene in the church from the series finale "The End".

Finding that he had more time, Giacchino premiered a new composition from the score of the upcoming Michael Giacchino, Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, Lost Concert at the Ford Theatres
(L-R) Michael Giacchino, Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof
Photo by Gennia Cui for the Ford Theatres
Drew Goddard film, Bad Time at the El Royale, which opens next month. It was an exhilarating piece with a Western-tinge, and it was thrilling to hear it performed live in advance of the film.

In addition to the music, there was a silent auction for Lost-themed art as well as Giacchino caricatures, with all proceeds benefiting Musicians at Play, at 501c3 organization formed to change lives through the power of music, by supporting music education in underserved schools and by providing adults, children, families and communities access to our musical heritage through "live" performing arts presentations and educational events.

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