From The Editor - Spring 2019

There's nothing quite so beautiful as a Southern Californian spring after a very rainy winter. A joy to behold. Wildflowers blanket the hillsides. We are renewed and refreshed. A wonderful time of new beginnings.

      New beginnings are in store for an amazing property that is hidden from view along Highland Avenue, one of the most heavily travelled roads in California. Once again we are reminded of the many secret places that still evoke our rich heritage. All that marks the wonders within is a driveway and gate next to the parking lot entrance to the American Legion. We count the Legion Hall among our historic infrastructure, so who would suspect that right next door is an amazing property built over 100 years ago. Keldine Hull's impeccable research not only uncovered its history, but also a granddaughter with tales to tell. The Hollywood Art Center School has faded into memory, but you can see what an amazing school it once was.

      Not faded into the past, however, is a Hollywood favorite celebrating its 100th anniversary. Musso and Frank is more than a restaurant, it's an institution. Michael Darling highlights the family history of this favorite watering hole and eatery with an illustrious clientele that included Hollywood's Golden Era literary elite. Today, customers include celebrities and common folk alike who enjoy its tradition fare and the historic vibe.

      Speaking of historic vibes, we discover Malta in this issue. Drawn to this island nation called the "Hollywood of the Mediterranean," we found more than location sites used for the first season of Game of Thrones. Packed into its 200 square miles is the history of western civilization dating back 5,000 years.

      Unlike Malta, new construction in Hollywood is everywhere. Happily, much of our historic infrastructure remains and with each passing day and each new project, these places become more sacred, more important.   This authenticity of this place and our cinematic heritage is Hollywood's most important asset. In paying homage to our past and our unique place in history, we can also celebrate what the future will bring.

      Oscar's Hollywood article introduces you to 959 Seward in the Hollywood Media District, home of Quibi, the entertainment venture created by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman. The new Hollywood is rising, enhanced and inspired by the past.

     So keep that spring in your step as you venture out and about. Take time to explore our byways, our walkable historic neighborhoods, steps from our famed boulevards. Each place has a unique story-whether discovered or not. The past lives on in more than our memories; it's at the heart and soul of this unique and amazing place called Hollywood.


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