Oscar's Hollywood - Spring 2019

About 5 years ago, Hollywood had about 97,000 square feet of Class A office space. That was before companies like Netflix, Viacom, Fender and NeueHouse, to name few, located their businesses in Hollywood in Class A office space. Netflix alone has over a million square feet of Class A office space for their burgeoning company in Hollywood!

This has also brought thousands of new jobs to Hollywood and new housing is being built to accommodate this new population made up mostly of well-paid young urbanites working in new media. This also means that new ecosystems made up of restaurants and service businesses will be created to serve them. Obviously, the businesses that are-and always have been-here will also benefit.

New offices are continuing to be built and are filling up with the likes of QuiBi, a new short form video platform run by "Hollywood's Newest Odd Couple", Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman. She, a Silicon Valley maven who ran Hewlett-Packard and ran as a Republican for governor of California and he, a die-hard Democratic fundraiser who ran Disney Films and Dreamworks. Here they are with their new billion-dollar venture at 959 Seward Street in the Media District.

Personally, I would like to see these businesses become acclimated not only to our landscape but also to our town by getting involved in civic activities and organizations. We love that they have brought their ventures to Hollywood and we would love it even more if they become part of the fabric of Hollywood, the Town. DH

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