Editor's Letter - Winter 2020

How can the decades pass so quickly? Weren't we just wondering what havoc the millennial change would cause? It's good to recall that sometimes we get ourselves all worked up for nothing. Not a new decade is nothing; it reminds us that time marches on, change is inevitable, and all can turn out in the end. Goodbye 2019; hello, bright new future.

Speaking of change, although we fill our Special Event page with much to see and do for the years' first few months, our day-to-day calendar is now only on our website. DH has the most comprehensive and user-friendly calendar anywhere. Check it out at www.discoverhollywood.com/calendar.

The big news for the new year is a full schedule of Broadway musical theatre brought to The Dolby Theatre by the Nederlander Organization. Added to the usual hubbub around The Oscars which move into The Dolby for several weeks pre and post awards, it will bring year-round entertainment to both ends of famed Hollywood Blvd. especially when they bring Hamilton back to the venerable Pantages for an extended run.

Adding to the excitement is the arrival of Rock of Ages at their own real Bourbon Room. You'll rock out to the hits of the 1980s performed by an exemplary cast--a few of whom are Tony nominees. Billed as an immersive theatre experience, food and beverages will be served. A great night out!

Another newcomer to Hollywood and the shared-workspace concept, assistant editor Samantha Halbreich takes us on a tour of Second Home. Its campus--a reimagined Paul Williams-designed historic building and innovative pods set in a lush tropical rain forest-- is sure to get creative juices flowing.

On Hollywood's eastside, we thank Steve Meek for the ad support he brought in from the Los Feliz community. It's our advertisers who make Discover Hollywood possible and we do our best to show our gratitude whenever and wherever we can. Steve's article directs us to important sites and enterprises in the neighborhood.

Amid all the new, our history has more relevance than many realize, and Keldine Hull does a great job bringing history to life. More than 100 years ago, a community of nuns established a legacy of education and service. The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary made headlines when they defied a cardinal, donned "civilian" clothes and expanded their mission outside of the school and convent. Sister Corita Kent was part of that change and her art defined a generation seeking the end of war and peace. A moving Hollywood story.

If that isn't enough, Michael Darling's article on the historic Tam O'Shanter Restaurant is quite a tale of entrepreneurship with a little Disney magic thrown in. Stepping into The Tam is stepping back in time. If you are a roast beef or Outlander fan, this is an absolute must for you. If you're in luck, you might even get seated at Disney's favorite table.

So, as we begin this brand-new decade, let's keep our eyes on the promise of a bright new future. There's quite a lot acknowledge as we celebrate and enter the "new" 20s.

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