Oscar's Hollywood - Winter 2020


Starline Tours is the largest celebrity tour company in Los Angeles. At 50 years old and headquartered in Hollywood next to the Chinese Theatre, they offer a variety of celebrity-oriented tours. They will now offer a two-hour cannabis tour that will take them to Herbarium on La Brea Ave.

Known as the "Jewel of the Crown" for cannabis dispensaries, Herbarium is always changing and growing and is in the process of opening the "world's only cannabis museum" where one will learn about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, CBD & THC and how they have been used to relieve chronic pain and disease-related ailments. The informative tour will take visitors through the entire growing process, with a peek into the grow room which represents thousands of acres on the Herbarium plant farm. It will explain how edibles are infused as well as show a demonstration of the ancient art of glass blowing and finally browse the dispensary to purchase product.

Though several smaller cannabis tours exist, the credibility of Starline history will give visitors a sense of safety and legality. Tours will cost between $40 and $200 depending on the length and other stops and begin at Starline headquarters at Hollywood & Highland. Each Starline guest will receive a gift from Herbarium (CBD lotions and balms I would assume!).

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