Meet Art in LA AfFAIR 2019 Exhibiting Artist Brayden Bugazzi

Brayden Bugazzi
"Pop Icons" Brayden Bugazzi

By Henry K. Long

Hollywood is busy with art fairs this week....and Brayden Bugazzi is exhibiting at two. The multimedia artist was featured in a few other recent art fairs. "In the past few months I was in the Context Art Fair next to Art Miami during Art Basel, and the LA Art Show, and both were a lot of fun. I had more works up at the LA Art Show, and I got to talk to hundreds of people about my idea and process, and it was a lot of fun for me."  

Bugazzi has a background shooting A-list celebrities as a photographer. However, it was when he started to create mixed-media artworks that the art world took notice and his work started selling. Bugazzi's masterful collages use both a pop and classical approach to art. Created with recycled magazines, he creates an artwork with his own personal flair that most artists cannot replicate. He has said that he feels a satisfaction into breathing new life into these discarded magazines. He has injected more and into of these pop images into his collages, creating two very different views...from across the gallery, the viewer gets the broad amiable sense of a pop-inspired artwork. However, looking closer, one sees the controversy that often accompanies our lives. Bugazzi adeptly unites both of these visions.

The artworks created by the artist feature celebrity icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Queen Latifah, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and more. His work has been featured in and many other international magazines. Bugazzi said he was looking forward to showing his work at Art in LA AfFAIR 2019, which is co-presented with Artsy, the AC Gallery in Hollywood, and SuperFine! Art Fair, which takes place this weekend at the Reef in downtown LA.

This will be the first time Bugazzi will be participating in Art in LA AfFAIR with an interactive series that people can take photos in, and he will be showing 3-4 of his mixed-media works. "I am using this as a chance to experiment with creating an interactive experience with my art. Up until this point I have done art that you hang on the wall, a few murals, or something that has a pop Icon I like, but I have been wanting to do something fun that the viewer can take part in."

Visit to learn more about artist Brayden Bugazzi.

Art in LA AfFAIR takes place on February 13th the through February 17 th at AC Gallery, located at 1546 N. Highland Ave. Hollywood, 90028.

Opening night kicks off on Wednesday, February 13th with red carpet arrivals. The VIP event from 8-11pm will feature live music in the sculpture garden, along with cocktails, and appetizers. Tickets are $50 per person. Show hours are 11am to 4pm throughout the weekend and cost $10. Purchase tickets HERE for both the opening art party and the art fair.

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