Editor's Letter - Summer 2019

 According to Los Angeles Tourism, we welcomed 50 million visitors to our city in 2018. Beginning in May we start to notice more visitors strolling along the Walk of Fame. It's reported that last year, there were about 25 million that came to Hollywood. In my perfect world, every visitor experiences the wonder and allure of this place we call Hollywood. And, believe me, I know that's not easy.

We are a working town made up of much more than our famous boulevard, so it takes a bit of sleuthing to discover all our hidden nooks and crannies.

Samantha Halbreich did just that in finding Boobietrap, a delightful smorgasbord of performers that titillate and enhance their audience on Wednesday evenings. Each week there's a new offering under the direction of ringmaster Scot Nery. Samantha captures the fun and excitement that awaits should you venture behind the shops to find them.

On your way you might want to stop for a pizza or some classic Italian fare just steps from Boobietrap and wish Frank Miceli and his crew a Happy 70th Anniversary. Founded by his father in 1949, Miceli's has been a staple just steps off the boulevard on Las Palmas. Inside under raffia covered empty chianti bottles, booths saved from 1920's era Hollywood's Pig 'n Whistle when it was "modernized" and converted to a retail store somewhere in the distant past.  You'll read all about its history as Michael Darling shares its unique Hollywood story.

This is so much part of Hollywood's allure. In the midst of a building boom not seen in many decades, you can find many remnants of its past going back 100 years, decade by decade up to today. Venture off the beaten path to the true center of action several blocks south of the famed boulevard to the Hollywood Media District. Dotted here and there among the neighborhoods are production companies, film studios and names recognized only if you read credits at the end of movies and TV shows. There are art galleries, live theatres and lively small restaurants and pubs. This is where creativity happens. This is the real Hollywood.

Be adventurous. Go beyond the obvious and you'll find what you are looking for-the real Hollywood, our town.   

Posted By Nyla Arslanian on July 02, 2019 03:00 pm | Permalink