Love, Madness, and Somewhere In Between

By Harrison Held

James Cox James Cox
Photo by Ron Scibilia

Love, Madness and Somewhere In Between is a very powerful, true and moving  one man show written and  performed by  talented actor/writer/comic James J. Cox  with insightful adept direction by Trace Oakley. James J. Cox  has led a very difficult and challenging life.  He's been through hell and back.  His story is so deep and powerful that it's a wonder  he is still with us today.  

His  dramatic stories are very poignant but he adds a comedic touch every so often  to lighten the mood. Mr. Cox grew up on Long Island and is a twenty year veteran of the United States Navy.  He simply shares his true experiences of his challenging life which he has been successfully able to turn around.

Kudos to him... he is very brave and his survival is miraculous.   He has  worked hard to overcome his setbacks and  his story is truly commendable.  No one has an easy life, we all have our challenges and setbacks...  Mr. Cox's  one man show is a true inspiration that with truth,  hope, compassion and resilience  anything is possible. 

 Love, Madness and Somewhere In Between examines addiction, molestation, abuse and other sensitive topics.  It's sometimes hard to watch as he lays everything  on the table but well worth seeing.    Mr. Cox is a living and breathing miracle and I highly recommend his show which has been part of Hollywood  Fringe and has been picked up for three more performances in July with dates to be announced.   

Great job Mr. Cox - you've met your  demons head on and have triumphed...  truly remarkable and inspiring.   Assistant stage manager Zahra Husein lends an inventive helping hand as the very absorbing  60 minute piece unfolds.   James Cox has suffered many losses but he has turned it around  and his one man show Love, Madness and Somewhere In Between is truly a winner.  

Thank you Sandra Kuker PR for the invite.

Love, Madness, and Somewhere In Between is playing at  Hudson Theatres, and dates have been extended! You can see this transformative show 

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