Review of 100 Planes

By Harrison Held

100 Planes


100 Planes is an intriguing new drama worth watching, making it's West Coast Premiere at The Broadwater Black Box   located on Hollywood's Theatre Row.  

  The powerful story takes place in 1997 on an American Airbase in Germany. The acting is first rate and the story centers around an ambitious young pilot named Lieutenant Kay McClure ( Alani Rose Chock) her highschool crush weatherman/reporter  David Greene (Brennan Patrick), her hard as nails boss Major Anne Clarkson (Karen Harrison) and the mysterious sultry  Monique DuPont (Brittany Flurry).  

100 planes (l to r) Karen Harrison and Alani Rose Chock
Photo by Steve Rogers

Set in the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era when sexual orientation in the military was very hush hush, and, as  the story unfolds, some things become crystal clear while other things become confusing and dangerous. 

The poignant and mysterious piece is well directed by Elizabeth V. Newman and well produced by Stephanie Moore and The Filigree Theatre  company based in Austin, Texas where the play written by Lila Rose Kaplan had it's world premiere.  The running  time of the fast moving piece is 80 minutes without intermission. 

The play  features great costumes by Jennifer Rose Davis, super sound design by Eliot Gray Fisher and impressive lighting and  set design and technical direction by Chris Conrad.  Stage management by Sally Seits, ASM by Dominique Carrieri and fight choreography by Adam Miller-Batteau.

100 Planes is an impressive piece - it soars and delivers an impressive punch, with some   unexpected  turbulence and surprises along the way.

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