Out and About in Hollywood, by Susan Hornik

Kinyatta E. Gray loved traveling around the world so much she started her own lifestyle line, FlightsInStilettos®. Since 2018, the stylish blogger's goal is to inspire women travelers to put their best selves forward when jetsetting. 

"The sophisticated, stylish lives of flight attendants have always fascinated me. I started blogging about luxurious travel destinations and travel styles," she enthused.

The company has truly taken off, making its worldwide debut during New York Fashion Week. Many celebrities were spotted wearing Stiletto's clothing and accessories, like fashion influencer Maui Bigelow, celebrity make-up artist  Nydia Figueroa, MTV Wild ' N ' Out and Trl,  Davida D, Bravo's  "Blood Sweet & Heels,"   Kim Dillinger, iHeart radio show host  Madison Jaye and Youtuber  Ifueko Igbinovia.  

Gray initially started out by designing t-shirts with catchy sayings. "That evolved into other travel-inspired products with a glam touch, such as glitter passport covers, travel-sized jewelry boxes, bling luggage charms, and even custom luggage."    

Customers are uplifted by the lovely motivational words on many of her products.

"I'm inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things!" she acknowledged. "I'm an observer of people and their behavior. You can learn a lot by just sitting quietly and taking in the good and the not so good about the human experience. "

Gray is a true visionary, ongoingly envisioning how to expand her line. 

"I ask myself  'what would my customers want to take on a vacation? What would make me feel more glamorous? What would make me stand out in a crowd? What I have never seen a traveler with that would make their trip more memorable?' And I think about personal life experiences; everything from the hurt, the love, the losses, and the triumphs that people experience."

While the pandemic has stopped people from traveling, Gray has been immersed in her creativity, creating new items for her line. 

"COVID has made me appreciate the sanctity of life and how much I took so many little things in life for granted, such as simply enjoying a warm hug, a simple handshake, and going to dinner and a movie. I live each day like it could be my last. That's not something I did before COVID."

Gray is always working on expanding her business, and is thrilled to  see the successful worldwide sales of her signature t-shirts and travel accessories. 

"I'm working on several projects, launching FlightsInStilettos Cosmetics and releasing my 2021 Glam Girl Beach Towel Collection. The two towels in that collection that I really love are Golden Beauty, and the first ever beach towel design of a black lesbian couple, named 'Love Wins.'" 

Next up: a line of glam girl beach towels for tweens & teens! "Maybe even a towel inspired by a woman 60yrs & up called 'Retired Beach Babe'. "That could be a real hoot!"

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