Susan Hornik's Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

I don't know about you, but the holidays this year are decidedly different from in the past. Maybe it's just me, but it took me a while to get in the spirit but once I did, I felt so much better. Even though we have gone through immense struggles this year, now that the 2020 holidays are here, there's still an undeniable magic in the air. 

Discover Hollywood's Susan Hornik would like to offer readers an assortment of amazing gift options, so you can relax and enjoy this festive season! We would love if you can consider these amazing gift suggestions all year long, as companies need our support!

For the Foodie 

Embers and Ash Give the gift of unique fine dining with Embers & Ash ! Born out of Chris Binotto's love of camping, cooking, and discovery, this fantastic chef decided to marry his expertise in cooking with his love for the great outdoors. Taking his Michelin Star pedigree and focusing it on a primordial style of cooking, eventually blossomed into the idea of this amazing pop-up.  

The natural environs of Southern California play host to their experiential outdoor dining events. From formal beach dinners to picnics in the park, Embers and Ash reimagines pop-up dining as well as the process of cooking, letting nature play host, chef, and inspiration. Head to and buy your 2021 tickets-mention this gift guide to get a discount! 

Sully and VanillaSully and Vanilla  create whimsical and fun desserts that remind you of your mama's homemade treats. With the passion for incorporating a theme into each dessert, Sully and Vanilla's freshly baked cookies, cakes, and cake pops make a deliciously memorable impression. Their collection of clever treats mixes the classic flavors of childhood with a sprinkle of modern-day fun.

Tiato Kitchen & Garden , sister restaurant to Crustacean Beverly Hills, is proud to announce its gourmet holiday takeout and delivery offerings for Christmas that are now available to order. With exclusive menu options, this season get your traditional favorites with An Family's Cal-Asian flair. Tiato's holiday meal packages and a la carte menu options offer the best fare from one of California's most revered restaurant families in the comfort of your own home. And yes, the An family's world-famous garlic noodles are being offered!

I love ordering from, you get amazing food subscriptions from acclaimed American bakers, pitmasters, pizza makers. A great gift for the foodie in your family!  I got New York's Yonah Schimmel's Knishes and unbelievably amazing lox from Russ & Daughters. You can always sign up for their series of interactive cook-alongs, where America's most acclaimed chefs come right to your home via exclusive Zoom classes.

For your holiday small celebration, consider ordering Christmas mystery cocktails from The Other Door. These drinks come in adorable little jars, crafted from their famous housemade infusions! Already stirred to the perfect dilution, you can just pop it in the freezer to chill, and pour it neat into your glass. Subscribe to their newsletter, the Desperate Times, to hear about upcoming specials.

Consider buying a gift card for your friends at one of the many restaurants in need. Element29 Deli houses one of the most impressive pastrami sandwiches in Los Angeles. The Jewish deli is owned and operated by Chef Jeff Meyer, a Detroit native who aimed to bring the beloved delicatessen flare through something we all love - sandwiches. Their menu consists of sandwiches like the Full Stack Pastrami - a twist on the classic pastrami sandwich featuring juicy pastrami paired with fresh coleslaw and swiss cheese on marble rye; brisket dry rubbed in African 'ras el hanout' spices and then smoked for 18 hours straight; and the caesar sandwich, which combines toasted Pepita and pistachio pesto with expertly dried salami.

Weed Cellars Weed Cellars
Prosecco is available everywhere, and no, there's no THC or CBD or Cannabis of any sort. It's a 92 Point Rated wine and retail for only $12.99, or $3.99 for the minis. It's an irreverent name, great price and the liquid inside will keep you coming back for more. Just ask for it at your local wine shop or supermarket.

Talia pizzas brings the authentic Neapolitan flavor directly to your table without traveling to Italy. Each pizza is handmade and baked by master pizzaiolos in Naples, using the ancient Neapolitan recipe and shipped directly to the US. They use top-quality local ingredients to ensure the premium taste and flavor of the pizzas. The all-natural ingredients, including cheese, tomatoes, and even water, are from Southern Italy with no preservatives, no additives, and no GMOs. They also offer gluten-free options for consumers. Use code DISCOVERHOLLYWOOD  to get a 10 percent discount!

Talia Pizza

Since you can't be there in person, why not buy a gift card for some amazing Argentinian wines? Luigi Bosca Gala 1 is an innovating wine inside and out. Intense and bright violet red, with subtle and balanced aromas, red fruit and fresh spicy notes. It is agile and expressive, voluptuous, strong in the mouth, what adds great potential. 

Also, the Salentein reserve malbec 2018 is quite lovely. It displays a very intense purplish red colour. In the nose, it is intense and complex with outstanding aromas of red fruits, blackberries, as well as delicate floral notes.In the mouth, its entry is sweet and mild. It is a fruity and fresh wine with good intensity. In the middle mouth, it is wide with a lingering finish.

There are some lovely French wines that make great gifts. R de Rieussec from Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) is produced on the Château Rieussec estate, a Sauternes Premier Cru Classé. Since 20% of fermentation takes place in barrels, the wine has plenty of aging potential, yet it still preserves its freshness and the natural fruitiness of the sauvignon and sémillon grapes. The dry white pairs beautifully with oysters, mushroom and risotto.

Gérard Bertrand Art de Vivre (red) pays homage to the old school Mediterranean way of life. dating back to France's earliest winemakers, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. The classic southern French blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre is made from grapes that been harvested toward the end of the growing season for concentrated fruit flavors.  It is a dry wine that exudes both fruit and minerals, as well as sunshine and earth, and it's amphora-inspired bottle can be repurposed and serve as a chic water jug or vase. 

For the Home 

Jordan and NicholasIf you are looking for a stellar custom piece of wood furniture, check out Jordan & Nicholas Designs. Artisanal craftsman Keith J. Costantino is an expert builder-everything from charming bird boxes to stylish cutting boards and tables. Equally proficient in creating beautiful custom portraits, Costantino can be commissioned to paint/draw your loved one as well. Follow Jordan & Nicholas Events on Instagram.

If you are looking for a beautiful gift for the kitchen, check out coppersmith Sara Dahmen's House Copper , who make incredible artisanal items for the kitchen. Their 1.7 lb. solid copper cups retail for $90 and make a great wedding present for the happy couple too! Besides making cups, she also creates copper pots and straws, and re-tins, buffs and polishes old copper pots for clients. !

TaoTronics makes a really great Air Fryer, which uses less oil to fry with. Healthier Choice: Fry with little to no oil and still keep the deep-fried crispy texture of food; frying basket and pan combo separates food in the basket from fat and oil dripping down the pan. The oven offers 11 preset menus with precise time settings and temperature control via the TaoTemp Technology to ensure delicious results for foods like meat, seafood, and vegetables, and includes a cookbook containing 50 popular recipes.

The Rocksteady Stadium sound system was designed with connectivity simplicity and effortless pairing in mind to create the best sound throughout your home or on the road. Bring the sound, Rocksteady Stadium's incredible battery life holds up to a 16-hour charge and portable build, lets you bring the party with you wherever you are. Fill the space, whether you have 2 or 4 speakers in the same room or spread throughout your home you are in for a revolutionary listening experience with quality sound. With each speaker you add, you gain further control over your environment, transforming your space into a portable stadium.  The speakers seamlessly connect, creating a completely customizable experience and eliminating the need to download apps or rely on unstable WiFi connections. It all connects right through Bluetooth to give you the best concert-like experience at home.

I love BlendJet , a super easy portable blender. Have a fresh smoothie or a shake anywhere you go! And order their latest recipe book, with amazing delicious recipes!

For Kids of All Ages

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Charles Schulz's iconic comic strip, Charlie Brown , grew from just seven newspapers in 1950 into a true global phenomenon. And now more than ever, Charlie 's valiant persistence, Snoopy's ingenuity, and Linus' thoughtful wisdom bring inspiration  to a holiday season like no other. (After a year like this one, we need comfort, we need joy, we need humor-in short, we need Snoopy!) 

For Him/Her/Them

Girly Go GarterA really cute, fun and functional gift for the ladies is a GirlyGoGarter! This versatile item can carry a lip gloss, powder puff, phone-No purse required! The GGG is also great for brides-to-be, traveling, shopping and sightseeing without the worry of lugging a handbag! Totally secure, a lot cleaner and no one knows she is wearing it!

If you are looking to buy a lovely item for your fashionista friend, consider the Bespoke and Luxury Goods maker, The House of Equites. The pioneering sustainability queen & label's founder, GIngi Medina, has kept her minimal footprint natural goods line available within limited production runs by making one-offs for years. Head over to and get your designer & rather coveted gifts to put under your loved one's Christmas tree today! After a year like 2020, we all deserve a little Luxury~Bags, Boots, Leather Pants, Jackets and Lifestyle pieces are made unisex and are customizable. 

Nothing says "I have arrived" like a Statement by Ellen C original. Her passion for fashion has taken on a life of its own, making one of kind denim jackets, sweatshirts, masks and other lovely items. There's nothing like embracing and spreading joy with wearable art! Use code CHEER for 20% off all denim designs at

Inspired by the sun and all things happy, the newest Radiance Collection by Jen Lesea Designs is to remind you what brings you joy!

Featured here is the Radiance Gem Bracelet, handmade from one-of-a-kind oxidized sterling silver, 18K gold, and rhodolite garnets. ($800).  Other pieces in the Radiance Collection are made from sterling silver, 22K gold, 14K gold vermeil, or copper bronze.  Prices start at $75. All jewelry is handmade in Boulder, Colorado.

American born, Bahamian and Turks and Caicos accessory designer Kipenzi Chidinma is the only 100% woman-owned, luxury executive gift, and accessory manufacturer in the market. Her line, LINĒIJ, features a lovely range of luxury sustainably sourced attaché cases, portfolios, backpacks, weekender bags, and unisex branded items. Kipenzi's stylish bags are perfect for brides to take along with them on their honeymoon, and make a great present for their treasured bridesmaids.

Celebrate this year with a bang in a two-piece sexy lingerie set that includes a red satin bra with pink marabou trim, and matching thong with pink marabou trim, from - the online retailer for all things sexy. Their Satin and Marabou Set is sure to get anyone's attention and perfect for the sexy night in or facetime call with  that special someone. The company has many fun looks for a sexy holiday night in.

It's winter and socks make a great stocking stuffer! Internationally recognized as the world's warmest socks, Heat Holders ® socks are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. Heat Holders® are specially developed with cashmere-like acrylic yarn which provides high performance insulation against the cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. Available in 3 different warmth profiles- Originals, Lites & Ultra Lites, they are like thermostats for your feet!

With Heat Holders®, you can give the perfect gift of warmth! Heat Holders® hats, gloves, or socks make for a fun and thoughtful stocking stuffer, or the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, friend or colleague.

I had such fun driving Mazda's MX-5 Miata! Great for road trips, it's the kind of sports car you would enjoy for hours and hours! You can select trims, colors, packages and add a variety of options and accessories, so it's completely customized to whatever you want! The  four-cylinder engine is really exciting to experience--you feel like a badass as you drive through the freeways!

Mazda Miata

There are some great gifts available at Out & About Supply , which has a collection of luxurious and stylish masks, blankets, totes, hip bags, and duffel bags, encouraging people to safely enjoy the outdoors for a walk, hike, picnic, small gathering or a weekend away.  Based in Silverlake and founded by Kathryn Hampton, owner of local interior design firm K2S Studio, and Dickey DeBiase, this is a great example of how local companies are applying their experience and resources in new ways to help during these unprecedented times.  A portion of each sale will go toward building recreational space in underserved communities through The Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust .


MiageIf you want your person to have soft lips, consider gifting  Miage Skincare 's new lip treatment product, Bloom La Milpa. This item does so much more than hydrate your lips - it's a healing treatment, too. Miage is the first skincare line to entirely forgo water and bring into play, the effectiveness of isotonic La Milpa cactus juice and micro-molecule nutrient formulas. This works in osmosis with your skin to heal, nourish, and pamper your skin.

Kneipp Goodbye Stress Aromatherapy Body Wash is a rich, foaming cleanser that transforms your shower into the perfect escape to quiet overactive thoughts.  Your skin is moisturized, and your mind is clear, leaving you ready to take on the day. Treats your skin to a refreshing, moisturizing, plant-based cleanse 

Humphreys Witch Hazel Skincare marries the strength of natural, time-honored ingredients with the latest skincare discoveries to provide unbridled beauty.  I love that they offer a vegan, cruelty-free skincare experience free of dyes, sulfates, parabens, gluten and phthalates. 

Just launched at , these products are now finally available to the consumer! For anyone in your life who colors their hair often, these gifts will be sure to be a winner: 

MyHairLube Hair Oil ($32.00):  Control frizz and flyaways with Mydentity MyHairLube Hair Finishing Lubricant. MyHairLube helps polish your styles, especially around the hairline after blowdrying, to give you smooth, shiny, picture-perfect looks.

MyStardust Shine Spray ($28.00): Give your styles added shine using Mydentity MyStardust Intense Shine Spray. This lightweight, fine mist spray helps contour the curves of your styles with intense shine bands.

MyConfidant Color Securing Shampoo + Conditioner ($22.50 each): Protect your haircolor with MyDentity's MyConfidant Color Securing Shampoo + Conditioner. This first-ever hair care system from Guy Tang, MyDentity cleanses hair while providing moisture and hydration to keep your color looking its best.  

MyControl Medium Sculpting Spray ($28.00): Bulk, sculpt, and finish your style with Mydentity MyControl Medium Hold Sculpting Spray. MyControl allows you to hold volume while helping to perfectly place and shape your styles.

For the Humanitarian 

Compelling and urgently important, The Book of Rosy by Rosayra Pablo Cruz and Julie Schwietert Collazo is the unforgettable story of one brave mother and her fight to save her family. When Rosayra "Rosy" Pablo Cruz made the agonizing decision to seek asylum in the United States with two of her children, she knew the journey would be arduous, dangerous, and quite possibly deadly. But she had no choice: violence-from gangs, from crime, from spiraling chaos-was making daily life hell. Rosy knew her family's one chance at survival was to flee Guatemala and go north.

Immigrant Families Together

If you are looking for a wonderful organization to send a gift donation, check out The Desire to Inspire Foundation, which inspires people from all over the world to live their happiest and most fulfilling lives full of purpose. The nonprofit is currently working in Ghana, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Kenya, and are focused on helping children turn their own unique gifts and talents into meaningful work. The more people in the world who are living into their purpose the better for all of humanity! On their site, you can an array of beautiful items-everything from framed prints of African life to apparel for the family!

Another wonderful organization to support is Immigrant Families Together. Consider buying one of their lovely arts and crafts gifts through their Market Etsy shop. They have volunteer kids who make crafts, cards, ribbons and art for donations, which go 100% to their Fund to pay bonds, support families and partners on the border.

For The Mystical Friend

Tarot by KiraExplore the possibilities of the past, present, and future with Kira Von Sutra. Tarot is a tool that offers you mystic insight into the otherwise blurry path of life. Allow the cards to  tell you of the unseen and unknown. People of all types are invited to allow Kira to channel their guides and traverse through the veil. She specializes in prescience and can help you find what you seek. From her home in Los Angeles, She sees the whole world and beyond.

Ra Rishikavi Raghudas has been a professional astrologer for nearly 40 years, with an international reputation. His readings are considered amazingly accurate, with a practical focus that helps a person not only discern what might be coming up in the future, but also gain insights into who they are and what is appropriate for their life now. Through a reading of their birth chart, Ra helps a client to know themselves and gain greater wisdom in order to make good life choices. A well-known poet and sought-after speaker, plus a screenwriter and producer, Ra's astrology clientele includes many prominent names in the entertainment and business communities. Ra is known for using astrology to predict the Oscar winners each year, with a high rate of accuracy. His next book is titled, " The Astrology of Bond--James Bond," available in Spring, 2021.

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