Out and About in Hollywood, by Susan Hornik

Celebrity hair stylist Marco Pelusi is gearing up for a busy 2020, with a busy salon, teaching students and appearing as a judge on two episodes of "The Look All Stars" on The CW Network in February. 

Discover Hollywood's Susan Hornik talked to Pelusi about the latest Hollywood hair trends happening during awards season. "I love the slicked-back hairstyle. We will certainly see some side ponytails, it's an elegant but less formal look. Also a highlight: celebrities taking half their hair pulled back, with fringy, wispy pieces around the face."

Everyone always loves the classics, too; Pelusi believes there will be some standard, classic glamourous Hollywood curls and waves, along with some looser beach waves. "Also, I predict at least one smooth, blunt longish bob; this look is coming back. Eventually we will see some shags and mullets soon."

Pelusi offered readers some savvy winter hair care tips for any problem you may be dealing with. 

1. The problem: Hard to comb hair 

The solution: A quick fix like a leave-In conditioner with moisturizing factors will provide an immediate change in how the hair feels, giving it slip, control and ease of combing. Use Pelusi's Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner to give the hair more slip and ease. Apply just a few pumps to damp hair and style

 2. The problem: Dry, itchy and flaky hair in the winter.

 The solution: A very gentle moisturizing shampoo during the winter months will help heal the scalp. The hair will take on the characteristics of its environment, so in the driest of winters, with low humidity, and indoor dry heat, the scalp becomes dry and flaky. Use Marco Color Health Shampoo to soothe and calm a dry, itchy scalp, and for less flaking during these dry winter months. 

 3. The problem: No time to do a deep conditioning treatment

 The solution: With a good enough conditioner, even leaving it in 2-3 minutes will help with manageability, if it's used after every shampoo, Pelusi said. If you have any extra time to tack onto the minimum 2-3 minutes, that's preferable, too, during the cold, dry months. If you've even a little extra time to sit in a warm, steamy bath, with the conditioner on your hair, better yet. Marco Color Hydrate Conditioner is a perfect choice for the daily conditioning or the longer one.  

 4. The problem:  Tangled hair after sleeping 

 The solution:  Cotton pillowcases will wipe off and absorb whatever is in your hair and skin, leaving the hair tangled and dry in the morning.  Silk pillowcases save the hair and keep the hair smoother - as opposed to the cotton pillowcase which will rob your hair and skin's moisture content.  The silk pillowcase will also be kinder to your skin overnight.

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