Salvage Extends at Hudson Theatre's Mainstage

Salvage Extends at Hudson Theatre's Mainstage

By Nyla Arslanian

While I wouldn't dub Salvage a musical, aptly subtitled "a play with music" is an accurate description. What transpires in this 90-minute play is a heartfelt story of hopes and unfulfilled dreams liberally laced with redemption and, eventually, resolution.

Solid performances by the highly credited 4-member cast, David Atkinson (Preacher) and Sam O'Byrne are believable in their contrasting roles.    Destiny played a bit too softly by  Natalie Llerena  still gives a sensitive performance that builds to a surprising ending. Bar owner Johnson, forcefully played by Leonard Earl Howzie, adds exasperation to the mix.

All impeccably performed 12 songs should not be merely enjoyed as each provides additional insight into the characters' highly charged situation unfolding before us. Director Damian D. Lewis deftly moves his actors and  seamlessly  melds the music performances with the unfolding story. ..

Plunk all this into a spot-on set and, thankfully, the Hudson's mainstage comes alive once again.

A final note of thanks to playwright, Tim Alderson, for a thoughtful play that explores life's consequences, and for his program note about his motivation for the story that led to his onstage debut as a writer. Well done.

Performances Friday and Saturday at 8pm; Sundays at 3pm. 

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