The Children at The Fountain Theatre

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Lily Knight and Ron Bottita in
The Children at The Fountain Theatre
Photo by Jenny Graham

By Nyla Arslanian

The Children opens at The Fountain Theatre Perhaps we've just taken it for granted for so long-that exquisite experience of what we call "intimate" theatre. Settling in at The Fountain for a performance of The Children, Lucy Kirkwood's Tony-nominated play, felt like coming home. The kitchen set by Andrew Hammer with prop design by Shen Heckel helped convey that feeling. However, it was that wonderful anticipation that always comes before a performance that I realized had been a very big missing for far too long. 

Ron Bottita 
Photo by Jenny Graham
As can sometimes happen as you sit so close to the play coming to life just a few feet away, Director Simon Levy and his spot-on cast delivered in the hour and forty-five minute, no intermission play, theatre magic when you forget that what you are witnessing is not real. Somehow, you've been transported to a small cottage on the East coast of England. 

The long opening scene between the two women characters goes by at a fast clip. The English accents take a little while to adjust to, but you have no doubt that these two have some history and it's soon revealed that all are in crisis mode.

I questioned a bit of business thinking it was a directorial error when Rose (Elizabeth Elias Huffman) who has never been in the cottage before goes directly to a cupboard for a glass. I thought it odd until later in the play, Hazel (Lily Knight) comments to her husband Robin what had occurred. I may have missed the explanation, and am wondering what other mysteries I may have missed in the rapid fire, often amusing dialogue.

The Children Elizabeth Elias Huffman and Lily Knight
Photo by Jenny Graham
the subject matter of a nuclear disaster and its aftermath is hardly lighthearted comedy, the superb cast, interaction between the characters and strong performance of Ron Bottita as Robin gave the play balance as the plot takes an interesting turn.

For a truly engaging evening (or Sunday afternoon), The Children absolutely delivers and what a joy it is to be back at Hollywood's favorite intimate theatre, The Fountain.

Performances of  The Children  take place  Nov. 6  through  Jan 23  on  Fridays  at  8 p.m .;  Saturdays  at  8 p.m. Sundays  at  2 p.m. ; and  Mondays  at  8 p.m.  (dark Dec. 20 through Jan. 7) .    

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