Get It Together at The Zephyr Theatre

I really enjoyed this complex new 2-hander well written and directed by Michael Quinn at The Zephyr Theatre on Melrose. The play stars two talented appealing and charismatic young thesps -Hadley Durkee as poet Mary and Joseph Basquill as Harold...aka Harry a computer science professional.  These two talented performers have a unique, likable and sincere chemistry worth watching as their complex friendship / relationship, non-relationship unfolds.

There's lots of humor in "The Ballad of Mary & Harry" as I nicknamed it and lots of resonating sadness too.  

Both characters are deeply moving works in progress and Ms. Durkee & Mr. Basquill are really great performers.  

The winning play explores well meaning  flawed college aged characters trying to make their way in the world.  

I think each act could be a little shorter but I commend the two leads on their acting chops in this unique and:original new play definitely worth seeing and well produced by Zoe Brown.  Thank you Sandra Kuker PR!  HH

Get It Together's short run ends August 7. Performances Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm. 

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