Harrison Held's Scene Around Town...

Harrison Held,  Kat Kramer, Eric Roberts & Eliza Roberts 
Photo by Michele Marotta

A Great Valentine's!! Super Star Ann-Margret appeared after the Bye Bye Birdie screening at The Montalban & it was wonderful hearing her speak and sharing her warm and humorous anecdotes...

The great Q & A was well hosted by Sibley Scoles who like Ann-Margret is a huge Raiders fan! Ann has a new album on Cleopatra Records called Born to be Wild & sounded great in clips they played for us .

She was then presented a special surprise Valentine Proclamation from the City of Los Angeles by Councilman Mitch O'Ferrell topping off the spectacular evening! Thank you Christian Meoli, Gilbert Smith & everyone at the Montalban & Phillip Sokoloff PR... & Thank you Kate Linder who has now been on the Young & Restless for 40 years for joining me...

Kate Linder, Ann-Margret, and Harrison Held

Great to see Eric Roberts & wife Eliza, Katharine Kramer, James Kong, Darrell Rooney, Rick Carl, and Kimberly Biehl.

We are all so fortunate to be part of this historical Valentine's event.. It was truly an AM Love In in the PM.

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