From The Editor - Winter 2021-22

I love anniversaries. Over the years Discover Hollywood has acknowledged many. Our first official magazine cover commemorated Hollywood's 100th anniversary of its founding in 1886. Since that time there have been many more celebrations. I imagine someday in the future, we may even mark the anniversary of the Great Pandemic of 2020-21.

As we've endured and overcome the unimaginable, I have a new appreciation for friends and family and how much they add to our lives. I'm so happy as we celebrate the holiday season we're able to gather in person again.

So, for the 35th anniversary of the beginning of this publication, I wanted to use this occasion to introduce you to a couple of friends who have pursued careers in "the business" of Hollywood. Neither are household names, but each has made a lasting impact in the industry.

Sue Cabral-Ebert not only is a sought-after makeup artist, she has also devoted a good part of her career serving her fellow artists in a leadership role with IATSE-the union representing most off-camera workers in the industry. Her dedication to her craft, and the demanding work it entails, epitomize the role these artists play who are as essential to the industry as any A-List actor.

Likewise, the article on Joel Thurm, a "guy next door" is a revealing portrait of a casting director who has made an indelible mark on the lives of countless actors during the heyday of television sitcoms. His book-due to be released in the spring-is sure to be a must-read.

We have produced about seventy issues of Discover Hollywood and each cover has been a project in itself. I loved telling the story of the many covers that photographer Anthony Nelson and I have done together. He and three art directors through the years are the ones who make us look good. Cathy Teal of Design Teal, Crystal and Patrick McCoppin of McMac Publications and Dave Destler at The Magazine Factory have each devoted over a decade to our publication.

Lastly, like a play, there is no live theatre without an audience or a producer. I'm grateful to my partner, publisher Oscar Arslanian and our many advertisers, without whom the past 35 years would not be possible. Lastly, I acknowledge our millions of readers through the years with whom I've been able to share the unique culture and lore of our town, Hollywood.

P.S. Winter Issue Update: Supply chain issues have affected the national paper supply and our print date was delayed. We wish you a happy and healthy New Year.

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