From The Editor - Summer 2022

Now that it seems that we are through the worst of the pandemic and some degree of normalcy in our lives, the question is "What is normal?" If anyone had predicted that the entire country and world would be in such a turmoil, businesses closed and people under quarantine, our immediate response would be "No way that's ever going to happen." Well, if we've learned anything through all this, it's that anything is possible.

Since this country's discovery, its growth and expansion has been due to those who immigrated. For Los Angeles, this also meant those who followed the call to "Go West," including Cecil B. DeMille's and Jesse Lasky's search for the sunlight needed to put image on film. Soon after, a burgeoning industry was born. Throughout the greater Hollywood area, as these newcomers grew and prospered, they created a custom-built environment to fit their creative fantasies. Among them was a young actor from Glasgow, Scotland, Frank Lloyd, whose star rose and now rests in the Walk of Fame. In this issue, we tell his story and see the home he left for future generations.

While centennials are now becoming commonplace, there's nothing common about the iconic Hollywood Bowl, one of the world's most famous venues. James Bartlett's article sheds light on the relationship that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce-which shares this 100th year-had in creating the bowl so many years ago. Today, of course, both entities are still going strong.

Speaking of strength, longevity and adaptability are key to three of Hollywood's oldest live theatres that continue to bring new life to our community's central core. Keldine Hull follows the somewhat confusing tale of these theatres through changing ownership and names. Today, The Montalban, The Fonda and The Avalon are as relevant to a new generation as they were when they first brought legitimate live theatre to Hollywood.

And, speaking of new, we're thrilled to introduce Kathleen Rawson to our readers. Kathleen's star shines bright a bit west of Hollywood, where she led the organization that helped bring the 21st century to the venerable seaside city of Santa Monica. She recently was hired by the Hollywood property owners of the Hollywood Partnership, Hollywood's major business improvement district. She has the creds and the know-how to make Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell's Heart of Hollywood plan for Hollywood Boulevard a reality.

If one thing can be said about this wonderful community, it's that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But for Hollywood, staying the same means constantly evolving, reinventing as we go along.

Because, in Hollywood, anything is possible.

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