Fringe Festival Reviews

SCHMALTZY & PRINCIE by Harrison Held
Diary of a Not-So-Great Daddy's Girl
Written & performed by MaryLee Herrmann
Directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson Production stills by Kenneth Wajda
Zephyr Theatre 7456 Melrose Avenue

SCHMALTZY & PRINCE by Harrison Held

Talented Writer/ Actress MaryLee Herrmann serves up a very enjoyable admirable one woman show about a lovely lady who yearns to write and her pitfalls and demons a long the way. 

In the well written and well developed play she is known as Princie and her loving supportive father is Schmaltzy. Schmaltzy is the best but mom isn't the greatest which sadly is a common dynamic. 

Princie and Shmaltzy have a great relationship and he encourages her dreams. MaryLee Herrmann is very likable and sincere on stage and does well performing other characters that are part of the show. 

Schmaltzy & Princie is a winner - I really enjoyed it - it's funny, endearing and pulls at your heart strings - I highly recommend it! 

- Harrison Held

TRU by Harrison Held
Directed by Joanna Cassidy
Adapted from playwright Jay Presson Allen's adaptation of the works of Truman Capote Production stills by Devix Szell
Three Clubs Stage Room
1123 N. Vine Street

TRU is a blast! Jamie Galen is great as Truman Capote and I think the play could also be called "Everyone You Always Wanted to Know about Truman Capote but Were Afraid to Ask". Talented Jamie Galen is very entertaining as Tru who rose to fame writing Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Cold Blood.

He draws in the audience with great storytelling, honesty and humor. I never knew Truman Capote but I think he'd probably like this no holds barred one man show about his life.

Coincidentally I was at Tiffany's in Beverly Hills last week - my late great friend Marvin Paige casted.

- Harrison Held

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