Inconceivable at The Hudson Guild Theatre

Reviewed by Amalisha HuEck

A one woman show 'Inconceivable', a semi-fertile 'Musical' written and performed by Meirav Zur, is playing at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Hollywood on Monday evenings at 8:00 p.m. Last two chances to see the show are:   Dec. 5 & Dec. 12  

The show is a unique combination of struggles about infertility and treatments for pregnancies. The production rolls into hilariously complex but 'truthful' expectations of womanhood. This is a fun evening of fertility, hormones, ovulation, baby making, relaxation and the inner dialogue with guided meditation that leaves one thinking about unexplained life experiences with the Matriarch Hierarchy. It is definitely worth seeing!

A play consists of revealing and entertaining moments of a child in shock who didn't need to know about all the uncomfortable expectations of her sex. A little princess naturally becomes a woman and goes through levels of maternity leaves, exposing her insanity about infertility. Getting into various characters by the body postures, voice variations and using an invisible friend for theatrical play are positively achieved. The audience participation is cleverly staged.

The award-winning World Premiere of 'Inconceivable' was held in Israel in 2017. Also, the United Solo Theatre Festival in 2018 the Critics' Choice chose this very solo play as the 'Best Interactive Show'.

In this production the lovely, simple styling was done by Wendy Lehmann, great dramaturgy by Natalie Fainstein and the lighting technical direction was successfully performed by Steven Pope.

Thank you to Sandra Kuker PR for the invite to this very enjoyable production.

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