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What a crazy night right from the start!

This is a comedic mystery in which actors put on a little game by creating the mood in a murder set-up at the beginning. Fabricated anticipation is now in the air, and in the audience for what is yet to come. Someone is dead, stabbed in the back, and lying on a luxurious dining table. And the mystery begins!

It is a dreadful night filled with downpours of rain and periodic lightning. Sally (Jacqueline Wright) is celebrating her 50th birthday with very few guests who, as the elite members of our society, just want to have fun. The game of pretending is taken to a whole new dimension when a pilot (Sol Mason) appears at the door of our 1930's aristocratic mansion after his single-engine plane crashes in the mountains of Santa Monica. With the crash comes a memory problem, a little amnesia has taken over. Who is he? What is his name? Does he have a wife? These and other questions occupy our guests for the rest of the night. And the rain keeps coming.

With this mysterious satire, Tony-winning actor and two-time Drama Desk Award-winning actor, Paul Sand (Writer/Director) achieves victorious success as a playwright at the age of 91. A huge Bravo to Paul Sand! Under his phenomenal direction, an incredible ensemble of characters are deeply explored and developed with the magnificent cast that also includes, Daniel (Lee Boek), Laura...the Film Star (Claudia Ferri), Ilo (Francis C. Edemobi), Barbara...the Caterer (Debra Lane), Bess (Marcia Lynn Anthony), and the dazzling musicians (Yennie Lam on violin and Chris Rorrer on cello) whose heavenly music fills up the hearts with joy and blissful exuberance.

The Producers for 'The Pilot Who Crashed the Party' are Public Works Improv + Paul Sand Projects. The producing partners are Amanda Weier + Derek Manson. The spectacular set was created with the magnificent creative team of scenic designer Jeff G. Rack; lighting designer Azra King-Abadi; sound designer Shoshana Kuttner; costume designer Linda Muggeridge; projection designer Fritz Davis, the stage manager Anna Kupershmidt, and the fight choreographer is Emma Bruno. The assistant director is Alex Hogy.

The play begins as a mystery and ends as a mystery. By the end, everyone is walking aimlessly through the space with a lost look on their face while searching for someone. We are not sure if all of these characters are real or if they are some kind of apparitions ... lost in a beautiful mansion, just awaiting an unexpected event to occur.

Performances of 'The Pilot Who Crashed the Party' take place Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m., April 8 through May 7. General admission is $35; seniors pay only $25, and tickets for students with valid ID are $20. The Broadwater Theatre is located at 6320 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

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