Mean Girls at The Pantages Hollywood

Reviewed by Nyla Arslanian

Mean Girls, in spite of the title, as a show was like cotton candy, fun to eat and a really enjoyable experience, disappears as a lingering memory. Adapted from the 2004 movie, the addition of music to the mainly intact story line results in a satisfying two and a half hour show.

This reviewer had never seen the film which has become a cult classic but apparently the heavily female audience was familiar with the plot and had no problem relating to the story of a high school girl trying to find her way in a new country. Over the course of the show, Kady, English Bernhardt, easily carried the plot forward as she tries to make friends and be accepted. She was not alone and the main characters each had more than one moment, in song and dance, to present a most entertaining show.

No surprise that the dialogue created by Tina Fey was smart and funny. In particular the banter and synergy between Damian, Eric Huffman,   and Janis, Lindsay Heather Pearce, who initially befriend Kady enlivened every scene they were in.

Nadina Hassan, seemed to relish her role as #1 Mean Girl, Regina George. Her two sidekicks, Gretchen (Jasmine Rogers) and Karen (Morgan Ashley Bryant) don't miss a beat as the threesome bent on making Kady's life miserable. Notably, Morgan hits the mark as a delightfully dumb Karen.

High energy continues throughout the show with wonderful, although not memorable, songs. This Mean Girls is a musical and the cast delivers it with exuberance and enthusiasm. Likewise, the two adults in the room-teacher Ms. Norbury (Heather Ayers) and principal Mr. Duvall (Lawrence E. Street) do their best to contain their antics.

The star of the show was technology. Video Design by Finn Ross & Adam Young, Scenic Design by Scott Pask and Lighting Design by Kenneth Posner. Scene changes appeared on large video screens that were a seamless perfection allowing the show to progress quickly from scene to scene. Of particular note was a mall scene that was breathtaking in its exactness.

Wrapping up with a happy ending, Mean Girls as cotton candy musical was satisfying and a wonderful and entertaining mother/daughter/sister/sister, female bonding show with themes for discussion after the sweetness of the moment fades.

Posted By Nyla Arslanian on January 09, 2023 03:33 pm | Permalink