HFF Review - A SHARK ATE MY PENIS: A HISTORY OF BOYS LIKE ME - Broadwater Second Stage

Reviewed by Amalisha HuEck 

A Shark Ate My Penis: A History of Boys Like Me, is a story of a man who is a lesbian having a girlfriend, and working on a creative project of finding himself. The desire is to wake up in the morning and be who he/she is and go through life with a smile on the face, without being pressured and linked to a gender perspective, but feeling comfortable and at ease with yourself.

Written and performed by Laser Webber, produced and developed by Soaring Solo Studios, this musical shows the history of a gender-diverse sexual orientation and his own transition. F rom discovering who he/she is to what feelings and states of emotions one goes through on his/her journey has been fabulously captured throughout the play. With the time track gear and through the time travel, Laser beautifully lays down the stages of 'visibility and invisibility' of being accepted and what it means for 'life to become better without a pebble in the shoe.' Equipped with a great comedic timing Laser is a great storyteller.

With a colorful and pleasant voice Laser Webber, a trans musician, actor, and writer known for his award-winning comedy music, through expressive songs fully shows the history of ' trans men ' (as call ed now) . Through a deep connection to his emotions, in this solo musical Laser spreads the word about the trans experience from his perspective with such simplicity and ease. It was truly a delight to listen to his music and go through the time track of history. Laser is the winner of - Broadway World's Best Musical, 2023, L A, and also the writer of 5 Billboard Charting Comedy Albums .

Along the way we meet on the time-track Alan Hart, a guy who got gender-confirming surgery all the way back in 1917; Samuel Bundy, whose 1760s legend includes a shark, a robbery, and 12 girlfriends; and renowned children's author J.K. Rowling, for reasons. Rebecca McGlynn (she/they) as the beautiful voice of JK Rowling is a transgender queer writer, actor, songwriter, and filmmaker working in film and TV production in Los Angeles, sublimely adds clarity to the story.

The executive producers for this production Jarrod Lombardo, Stephen Webber, and Chuck Roslof together with E.Aaron Wilson (music) and Ashley Ward (Director) are embarking on this life's journey through terrific accomplishment.

The show is at the Broadwater Second Stage (6320 Santa Monica Blvd.) on Tuesday, June 20th at 6:30 pm and Saturday, June 24th at 11:55 pm. The run time is 45 minutes. Ages 12+

Tickets may be purchased at: https://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/9842?tab=tickets

The production of A Shark Ate My Penis: A History of Boys Like Me, is highly recommended.

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