BABY FOOT - Rogue Theatre Company at The Matrix

Reviewed by Michael Edwards

Baby Foot at the Matrix Theatre, produced by the award-winning Rogue Machine Theatre Co is a beautiful deep dive character study into the world of the recovering addict. An excellent production: Small (30 seats) and in the round, but wonderful to take in because of this choice.

Writer, director Tim Venable's world premiere opening is an immersive voyeur experience (the audience is literally in the greeting room of a humble recovery house). We meet Alexis (a grounded and powerful Hope Lauren). She is 'proud of herself, 90 days clean and sober, ready to go home recovering addict'. During the middle of her last night in rehab she meets Blackie (a focused, dynamic, and powerful Daniel Dorr) as he is coming in for his first night of treatment. Though instantly attracted to one another, Blackie and Alexis are the worst for each other at this moment. The play goes on to reveal, through intense character study work and brilliant twists, why this is so. We have hope. We cheer for these two, but then the silence of the third character in this ensemble, Fred (A low key brilliant Paul Deboy) speaks to the folly of our hopes for this union. We learn, through this focused act of storytelling, to respect the true power of substance abuse and how, even with the best intentions, people can truly hurt one another unless respect is paid to the true healing process required. 

The set is magical. Beyond simple, the theater seats are designed around what seems to be a working Green Room or welcoming room for addicts. The lights simply go up and down. The coffee brewing on the side almost steals the show with its brewing noises and aromatic scent. We were in a rehab office. 

Baby Foot is yet another triumph for Rogue Machine. Highly recommend it. Do not miss.

Baby Foot  runs 7pm Fridays, 5pm Saturdays and Sundays, 8pm Mondays through November 20, 2023 (No performance on Monday, October 30th).Rogue Machine, in the Matrix Theatre, is located at 7657 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046. Tickets are $35 (Students $20 / Seniors $30). Pay-What-You-Can Fridays: Oct 20 ($10+), Oct 27 ($15+), Nov. 3, 10, 17 ($20+). Reservations: or for more information 855-585-5185

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