From The Publisher - Summer 2023

Since the beginning of Discover Hollywood Magazine, our mission has been to highlight and encourage readers to go beyond the obvious and experience the unique culture and lore of this place called Hollywood. Instead of "everything under the sun," we have everything under the Sign.

      As we celebrate our world-renowned logo, it's time to reflect on the accomplishments of our past and look toward the future.

      It's been my privilege to support the vision of our founding editor, Nyla Arslanian, to show her hometown in its best light. This is the 85th issue and nearly six million copies have been places in peoples' hands. I know that   Discover Hollywood has contributed greatly to the Hollywood of today.

      Times do change and we're looking at what the future will bring. Our efforts have been focused on our printed magazine. Although we've had a digital presence on our website for many years, during the last few years, our weekly E-News showcasing what to do in Hollywood has become increasingly popular.

      If you aren't a subscriber, visit our website at to keep in the know on latest happenings.  

      There is a next step for the Discover Hollywood brand, and we are actively looking at what the future will bring. We'd like to hear from you, our readers. We're grateful to our many advertisers and sponsors who have made this journey possible. Here's to the next 100 years! DH

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