THE PILLOWMAN - Broadwater Main Stage

The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh

Reviewed by Amalisha HuEck 

As every fairy tale begins with, 'Once upon the time...' The Pillowman story also begins as a fairy tale. How ironic, when in fact most of the stories are the series of murders of little children, where 'the little geniuses end up down the bottom of the wishing well, which becomes the child killer's heaven.'

The show opens with the writer ( Steven R. O'Brien - "Katurian"), in a state of wonder and fear of police brutality and what the detectives will do to him during the investigation. Every new sound makes him jump, duck, or listen with anticipation. We find out that he had a messed-up childhood growing up in a totalitarian state, and where his writing was an escape from reality. By creating stories, he enjoyed writing and dreams of one day becoming a famous writer. The challenge arises when it is discovered that his written stories resemble the events in real life around him. He openly admits his involvement in the final part of his parents' story by holding a pillow over his father and over his mother.

There are many puzzling things in this well written show. One can wonder; out of two cops is there a good cop and a bad cop? It appears, they both are bad cops in one moment and in another moment - there's a good cop. Many things change during the investigation, especially when Katurian's little sister is brought in for questioning. It is clear that her challenged mental state recreated her brother's murders on paper where she lifts them to reality. For a while, the story becomes a puzzle without a solution. 

The role of Katurian, a writer held prisoner in a police state, is successfully played by Steven R. O'Brien. His sister (Kimberly Demarse - "Michal"), marvelously embraces the role and her extraordinary ability to make the audience embrace her character, despite her series confessions of her actions in acting out her brothers' stories. The commitments and the admittances are real, especially when the pillowman takes the confessions of his little sister as his own. The two investigators (Daniel T. McCann as Tupolski and Paul Ian Stanley as Ariel), constantly switch from bad to good cop, where in the end we are puzzled who is who.

The collaboration within the creative team includes Playwright Martin McDonagh, Director Brian Allman, Producer Ektelo Theatre Group, Publicity Sandra Kuker PR (Sandra Kuker-Franco), Set Design Daniel T. McCann, and Lighting Designer Andy Nevarez. What a TEAM!!

The play originally opened at the Roy London Theatre in London and debuted on Broadway in 2005, and in 2023, it appeared on stage in London's West End receiving numerous awards and outstanding critical praise. The was born and THE PILLOWMAN is the Ektelo Theatre Group's debut production.

The Pillowman runs through April 14 with performances Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm. The Broadwater Main Stage is located at 1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA. 90038

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General admission is $35.00.  Running time is approximately 160 minutes

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