From The Editor - Winter 2024

This issue marks the completion of 85 issues. I'm proud of what we've accomplished through the years, sharing our corner of the world.

The journey has been filled with countless stories and wonderful relationships. Michael Darling's story about the beginning of the Cat & Fiddle Restaurant and the women who keep the family legacy alive is a tribute to the spirit of this town. We never give up.

Certainly this could be true of Aline Barnsdall who had the resources to commission an architect who would take architecture into the future and inspire countless others to follow his path. Culminating in an UNESCO World Heritage Site at Barnsdall Art Park, was nothing Aline could have ever imagined-or maybe she did. Cheryl Johnson takes us on that journey.

This issue is about our town and no one symbolizes that spirit more than the Go-Go's. In his article, record producer/writer Chris Cassone, an industry insider, shares some little known factoids about these women who grew out of the 80s punk scene and never gave up.  

Their lyric, "This town is our town, this town is so glamorous, bet you'd live here if you could and be one of us," is my favorite and captures how I feel about this place I call home.

Speaking of which, it's my pleasure to share some insights about the Hollywood I've found so fascinating. While some get old, give up, and pass away, she remains alluring and beautiful, a place that once in your heart and psyche you never forget.

That's been our mission: to inform you, our readers, about the unique culture and lore of Hollywood, the Place. I thank you, and our many advertisers and sponsors for this opportunity. I am profoundly grateful. 

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