Whether he's in battle of the band competitions, performing at nightclubs, casinos and music conferences, or helping charities, one thing is clear: Bill Grisolia loves playing the blues. 

The veteran bluesman, who has received numerous "living legend" awards, has had an incredibly busy week, playing at the Anaheim Hilton, House of Blues Anaheim, the Houghton Park Community Center, and Veterans Hospital. He also recently won the "Entertainer of the Year" award with the organization Blues My Way, which honors performers across Southern California.

"I absolutely enjoy performing! It lets me explore my creative muse!" Grisolia quipped. "Singing the blues is a part of my soul; it has been said that it is healing music. With the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, any healing in this world is of great value."

As the founder, Grisolia is also an integral part of the Long Beach Blues Society, which brings mesmerizing music to Los Angeles and Orange County veterans. 

"Our focus is on supporting underserved communities and so we love to honor veterans and seniors in our community."

While he has had a series of tough health challenges, Grisolia never lets anything get him down. "I always want to look at the sunny side of life!" he enthused.

The holidays were a busy time for Grisolia, with numerous gigs like The Eli Home's Christmas Ball and Tree Lighting.

"Eli Home is an important nonprofit dedicated to helping battered women and their families in The OC for over 40 years. They provide shelter in a nurturing environment for women in their families who have suffered and give them a place to recover and start fresh. It's truly an honor to perform for them."

Grisolia's blues band gig at the Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) was so successful last month that he was asked to return next month.

"I love performing at museums! Partnering with them puts the music in an environment where it can be accessed fully and richly and even synergistically with a higher perspective - sometimes music in an art or other cultural venue hits me differently."

Look out for Grisolia's community concerts next month too!

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