COMING OF AGE AT 65 - Hollywood Fringe Festival at Hudson Guild Theatre

Reviewed by Amalisha HuEck

What a wonderful outlook on life when we pass the age of 65 by saying, 'The Best is Yet to Come!' In his one man show Coming of Age at 65, Gerry Fishman's (written and performed), experience of getting a personal relationship with God in his older age, gets him to see more what life has to offer, and his always present need to help others to get their lives together, becomes even stronger. He develops the ability to be non-judging, accepting everything that is in front of him with ease and he realizes that the events in his life are where they are supposed to be. His childhood drama got him to struggle with weight most of his life, mostly because he lost his dad a way too early. He loved his dad, who was a wonderful man and loved by everyone. While trying to find himself in his younger age, his dad was such an idol to him that he became a love beacon himself, just like his dad was. 

To see a man in his later years talking so tenderly about his dad opened many hearts who had a loving connection with their parents. When raising his own kids as a single parent, he experienced 30 years of kitchen improvement and a deep divine relationship with his children. He could not be prouder of his son, his daughter and his grandkids. Those special moments when he is talking about his dad or his connection with his kids, paint his personality and his strong emotional side. Once his daughter said, 'Please be kind to my daddy,' when a personal injury happened, and he needed an assistant. That says it all!

As a part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2024, Coming of Age at 65 is yet another play produced by Jessica Lynn Johnson (impressive-how does she manage them all). Under the direction of Francisco Roel and assistant director Alexandra Tamplin, Gerry's comedic ability and a natural way to tell the story is expressed here. The improv classes gave him freedom to explore the ways to be spontaneous.  Garry is an experienced stand-up comedian who has performed at many of the region's comedy clubs, including the Ice House.   He is spontaneous, honest and his Soul as comedian is jumping of joy and laughter.

'Something happened to Gerry at age 65. He experiences a creative rebirth and follows his callings to comedy and writing. Life has opened up to him in ways that it hasn't in years. His horizons are broad, and his possibilities look limitless,' Philip Sokoloff.

The spiritual awakening got him to be kind to everyone because he came to understand that we all are here to learn lessons and do the best we can in this battle of survival. It seems he is slowing down and surrendering to things that were a bother to him before and by realizing that gratitude and love are the main vehicles, his life became much easier to bear. Talking about his feelings in a room full of strangers was not something he would ever be able to do before. By starting to get social security benefits at the age of 65 his life changed forever. He lost a ton of weight, and by getting the SSI he gained freedom, which was a wonderful gift and allowed him to put this show together. What a Blessing!

Coming of Age at 65 opened on June 16 at Hudson Guild Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90038. Other performances were on Sunday, June 16 at 1:00 pm; Sunday, June 23 at 4:00 pm and Sunday, June 30 th at 1:00 pm.   Admission was $15. Estimated running time - 70 minutes.               ***Suggested for ages 18 to adult but should be okay for mature teens.

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