GIRL IN REVERSE: A Feminine Rage Manifesto - Hollywood Fring Fest at The Zephyr Theatre

Reviewed by Amalisha HuEck

Experiencing different relationships after being with one loving, supportive person for 15 years, is a way to break the habit of eating the same ice-cream every day, says Avery Volk (writer & performer) in her GIRL IN REVERSE - A Feminine Rage Manifesto, solo performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.   The best way to describe Avery is to look at her and see a beautiful young, stubborn girl who will do whatever she chooses to do, especially the things that someone tells her not to do. She will always do the opposite, just for fun. She is one of the rare girls who can manage to have a boyfriend to help her with another boyfriend. She is the girl who is not good at keeping secrets and the feeling of being desired overwhelms her. In this nostalgic play, the temptation, the fantasy, the illusion of emotional safety, the psychological manipulation is accepted, because she wants to have an experience. Her movements express intimacy in the perfect outfit that she chose for the play which evoked the desire for most of the men in the audience to want to touch her. That feral sexual demonic beast inside of her does not know how to cool off at this time. She is very eloquent and articulate, super attractive and a great storyteller. In reverse, maintaining the spiritual connection with her Inner Child, her Higher Self is also extremely important for her.

'Despite the show's subtitle, this show is neither a feminist screed, nor particularly consumed with rage,' says Phillip Sokoloff, 'A late bloomer, she suddenly finds herself attracted to two men whom she coincidentally meets on the same night. She experiences an emotional and sexual awakening of impulses that have long been dormant. Her new experiences with these other men make her feel excited, sensuous, and powerful. She isn't ready to jettison her primary relationship with her longtime, loving, supportive partner. But her new experiences with these other men make her feel excited, sensuous, and powerful in a way she can't ignore.'

Avery is one of those interesting performers that have the glow and the beauty to carry the show with ease, and you just want to watch her, because every move she makes is amusing and holds your attention.  At one point, I found myself being lost in her movements. I had to close my eyes to listen and to find that her honesty in revealing those intimate points in time is the time of revealing her vulnerability, her playfulness and darkness. Her star qualities are very expressed in this solo performance.   She is an actor and poet based in Phoenix, Arizona, where she graduated from Arizona State University. Her previous stage appearance includes roles in The Moors, Two Man Show, Steel Magnolias, The Little Dog Laughed, and more.

Jessica Lynn Johnson skillfully directs and craftfully develops Girl in Reverse: A Feminine Rage Manifesto to its finest. She is a solo performer herself and as an actor and as a director, she is the founder of the company Soaring Solo. Her directing credits include For Love or Money, Unemployed Finally, The Mermaid Who Learned How to Fly, 365 Days of Crazy, Triangles are my Favorite Shapes, Bully-mia, Not My Show, Answer Outta The Blue, Dear Yoko, and more. The intriguing choreography is beautifully done by Pamela Najera Michael, Stage manager is Eileen Soong and Technical Director & Qlab is Nick Foran.  Videography and programs are done by  

The show was hosted on the pleasing stage of Zephyr Theatre, 7456 Melrose Ave., LA, CA 90046.

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