GRIT - Hollywood Fringe Festival at The Zephyr Theatre

Reviewed by Amalisha HuEck

Every story has an origin. Lisa Natale wrote, produced and is starring in her life story GRIT, where she expresses one woman's evolution from CHAOS to COURAGE. Through her diary, which she started at the age of 10, she expresses freely how it all begins at the moment when emotional gains and losses in childhood take a hold of us. The base for who we become in our early adulthood are childhood events, and if that involves the physical, emotional, or sexual abuse the scars are deep and to overcome them, we need lots of passion and perseverance. But it could be done.    

After attending Tony Robbins seminar, his words on 'Your past does not dictate your future' carried her through many years of revelation. In her one-woman act, through an emotional role coaster, Lisa with full honesty reveals the most challenging parts of her life, turning the things that she was ashamed of in the past into a jewel of learning her lessons. She was always motivated through music, through moving the body and to calm the noises in her head that were overwhelming at times, she would dance and the feeling that everything was OK would overcome her. She did everything she needed to do in order to survive. While dancing at the strip clubs, even though she was ashamed of it, she went by different names, Alex, Tony, or Frankie to dictate ownership of her identity. She danced to save money, move to New York, and pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.  

Emotional loses from the childhood would sometimes get a big grip on her and the feeling of depression, sadness, and that 'Why has God forsaken me?' became her big obstacle. When she managed to forgive herself and not be bothered by shame anymore, a beautiful turn of events happened. In the process of becoming unstuck of emptiness and lowliness, surrendering took place and with, 'Please let me find serenity and peace,' she created a world she enjoys today. The influence of 'The Sun Also Rises' by Ernest Hemingway, as her ideal companion for troubled times, gave her power and perseverance to move to New York, the city that makes her Soul tickle and become an indoor cycling instructor. And with that Lisa now freely pursues her acting dream.

"Lisa is funny and frank, insightful and wise, intensely honest and incredibly entertaining. Grit displays her talents in writing and acting, but also in vulnerability. Without which no artist can truly communicate their story. And what an incredible story this is." Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

As a part of Fringe Theatre FestivalGRIT is developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson (director) and was recently awarded Best NY Premiere in the United Solo Festival. Under the strong direction of Lynn Johnson, Lisa shines like a bright star in this production. Her physical and emotional strength are impressive. She is a powerful actress with amazing self-confidence and strong voice. Her revelation is super inspiring and uplifting for many struggling actors out there. Executive Producers for this production are Jessica Lynn Johnson & Heather Dowling.       

Part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, the 75-minute play ran three performances at the Zephyr Theatre.

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