DEAR AUNTIE B - Fringe Fest at The Actor's Company Little Theatre

Review by Amalisha HuEck

A delightful solo musical dramedy, the world premiere of Dear Auntie B., written and performed by the incredibly talented and super charming Becca Lustgarten for Fringe Festival 2024. Through her dating agency she portrays a fun and amusing advisor, guru, a baseball enthusiast and answers the questions in her column regarding the compromises in marriage and covers the doubts of getting married.  Every woman likes to be admired, so having a husband is fun, especially if the man spoils his wife and inner workings of relationships are resolving the karmic bonds. It is all about, "How to marry a man today and change his behavior tomorrow."

Most of the emails start with 'Dear Auntie B.' and the answer is with 'Dear Reader' or 'My Readers' and "What question do you have for me?" Set in New York City, the play explores true love issues and its close encounter with sorrow, when things go wrong. Adding her personal fight for a soulmate adds to the matter of questions. Humor is the key to making everything smoother.

She often mentions, that she is not a singer, yet with her powerful voice and great animation of her voice qualities, her singing is actually amazingly heartfelt and meaningful. Auntie B. and her alienation from her husband is captured so well here, and we get such a great insight into the character. When she receives the challenging news, she fixes herself a drink, a few drops of orange juice and the rest of the glass - vodka, when the audience expresses their amusement, she gives a funny look and adds a few more drops of orange juice. Her humor is well received throughout the play. 

The collaboration between the strong actor and a great director, someone like Sally Hughes can only produce a very strong play and a great show. The bond and comradery between those two ladies are expressed throughout the play.

The show's runtime is approximately 45 minutes, and holds the audience's attention from the moment it starts. The Actor's Company Little Theater at 916 N. Formosa Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 is hosting Dear Auntie B has four remaining performances: FRIDAY - June 7th @ 8:30pm (opening night), SATURDAY - June 15th @ 4pm, SUNDAY - June 23rd @ 2pm, MONDAY - June 24th @ 7:30pm & FRIDAY - June 28th @ 10pm.

For tickets:   323-463-4639

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