MRS. DOUBTFIRE - Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Reviewed by Michael Edwards

The touring production of Mrs. Doubtfire now open at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre is an uncommonly entertaining evening of tour de force of comedy, music, dance and most importantly, tangible connection with its audience. Do not miss this absolutely hilarious gem.

Based on the 1993 Robin Williams film about a well-intentioned but struggling (in career, marriage and general life skills) father who, on top of everything else, is facing a divorce and custody challenge where he might lose all rights to seeing his beloved three children. The father learns his soon to be ex is searching for a nanny and so using his masterful skills and resources as a shapeshifting voice and stage actor, decides to create an unrecognizable disguise to become the perfect nanny so he can see his kids while getting his life together.

 I must admit my expectations were not high given Mr. Williams' absence. Enter Rob McClure as Daniel, a comic through and through. His humanity and presence with the audience is undeniable. We feel his every heartbeat as he successfully swings for the fences with every gag, every song, every tragic moment; and we feel it with ease. A truly graceful offering.

The supporting cast, meaning everyone else, is surprisingly just as equally a joy to take in. Heavyweight Tony and Oscar nominated director Jerry Zaks cast this touring company masterfully. Down to the three children, every performer on that stage 'understood the assignment' (as the kids say) with the smallest chorus player finding their moment to steal the scene. From start to finish, the audience had no idea when next a bit player would step out and literally stop the show with hard laughter or applause. Not a weak link in the bunch.

The choreography by Lorin Latarro cannot be praised enough.  Where most shows are guilty of default cast ensemble movement that tends towards the 'meh' side, Ms. Latarro's movement be it tap, comic or serious, hits the soul of the story and the dare I say it, the 'funk' of the collective, every time.

Set design is focused and full of state of the art, Broadway level surprises. Lights and sound are detailed and masterfully on point. The Mrs. Doubtfire make up (low key what we all were waiting to see) is just gorgeous. In the era of SNL quick changes, it was nice to see such ease in such a magical transformation.

Mrs. Doubtfire is more than you're expecting. It's the comedy we didn't know we needed. A wonderful Father's Day gift.

Mrs. Doubtfire runs Tuesday - Thursday at 7:30pm Friday at 8pm Saturday at 2pm & 8pm Sunday at 1pm & 6:30pm thru June 30th., 2024 Tickets: Online: Phone: 1-800-982-2787 In Person: Hollywood Pantages Box Office (Visit website for hours) Hollywood Pantages Theatre 6233 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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