Issue: Issue Summer 2004

From the Editor

There is no doubt that Hollywood is a town of contrasts.  Nestled at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains and under the mammoth sign rests some of the most expensive and romantically designed real estate anywhere. Yet as Amy Sorkin points out in her article, Hollywood’s charm is elusive and its urban façade may at first be disappointing.

Today Hollywood’s charm is being discovered by a new generation who finds its proximity to a vibrant nightlife and cultural amenities desirable. Little by little, whether it’s the home of an early film icon in our midst or finding an apartment in a 1920’s building, we are honoring and recognizing the treasures of the past all around us.

Viewed from above, harsh realities of urban life are transformed into a glittering blanket of light. Hollywood is a town of extremes, ever changing yet always exciting. For some it glimmers just beyond their grasp while others dive in and consume all it has to offer.

Dream seekers we are massed on the edge of the continent looking forward to the promises of tomorrow.

As the new year begins, I’m hopeful that we transplants from other states and other lands and countries or just the other side of town, celebrate our commonality, forget our differences and share our hopes and dreams for a brighter future.