Issue: Issue Summer 2006

From the Editor - Winter 2005/2006

It’s been said “All that glitters is not gold,” but one thing for sure—all that glitters is Hollywood. Whether it’s the holiday season or any night of the week, Hollywood lights up and glows. Thanks to Earl C. Anthony, Los Angeles and neon are a match made in heaven and no where is that put to better use than in Hollywood. Small signs and large, old and new, neon is our night light of choice. And as we witness Hollywood becoming more alive at night, in the light of day we’re apt to miss the hustle and bustle of a myriad of students heading to class—film, music, theatre, travel industry and even culinary arts are taught at the many schools that are scattered throughout Hollywood. Allan Duffin’s survey article uncovers another of Hollywood’s industries—education. Five years into the new century and it seems everyone is arriving at our doorstep. Where will we put them all? From high rise office buildings to former department stores and warehouses, buildings are being converted into apartments and condominiums at a rapid rate. New developments are in the pipeline and we pray that new arrivals aren’t as enamored with the automobile as past generations. I hope you enjoy Ed Rosenthal’s poem 24-Hour Shine. It captures Hollywood as it undergoes renewal. Our rebirth is ongoing; we’ll be a work in progress with major new construction into 2010. My grandmother once said “Be careful what you wish for.” We love the glow and the bustle and, yet we wonder at what price. Glitz and glam have returned to Hollywood with a new generation. They’re discovering what many have known for a long time—it is a great place to live, work and play. Happy New Year! - Nyla Arslanian