Issue: Issue Summer 2007

El Cabrillo and the Hollywood Renaissance

To the rest of the world, Hol lywood seems like one of the most glamorous places on earth, what with  big movie premieres every night and celebrities partying into the smal l hours and then staggering back to their upscale apartments and condos in the early hours. The truth, however, has been rather different. For many years Hol lywood Boulevard and the surrounding areas offered very little new in the housing market. Due to the efforts of the Community Redevelopment Agency and many others, it seems there are now a wide variety of choices.



Simply everyone wants to be in Hol lywood these days, and it is estimated that by 2010 there wil l be 5,000 new residential units in the central Hol lywood area alone. Whether you are l ooking for something entwined with history or simply cannot l ive without the latest in luxury loft living, there’s only one place to be.


One of the more notable historic redevelopments is the 78- year-old El Cabril lo apartments at Franklin/Grace which was l isted on the National Register of Historic Places early last   year. One of only six remaining Spanish revival courtyard buildings designed in the 1920’s by legendary architect Arthur B. Zwebel l and his designer wife Nina, El Cabril lo recently underwent a careful conversion and restoration into ten  sumptuous condominium units.


The Zwebel l’s virtual ly invented the garden apartment, and started with their Andalusia apartments in West Hol lywood . El Cabril lowas their first project “east” of there, and it features the distinctive low archways and a courtyard complete with fountain and a turret. Nina directed her efforts towards the interiors while Arthur spent his time on the court exteriors, and his designs were surely an inspiration to Raymond Chandler , who wrote several tales featuring the secluded courtyards of Spanish apartments – the perfect place for an il licit l iaison or even murder. After the housing market col lapsed in 1929, the Zwebel l's turned to the world of movies working as set designers and producers. El Cabril lo can claim some of its own movie history too: one of the Talmadge sisters lived here, as did the daughter of director Cecil B. DeMil le.


Over a bil lion dol lars is earmarked for investment on the Vine Street corridor within a few blocks of the Capitol Records Tower alone,   and dozens of current and upcoming projects wil l see the construction of everything from apartments to huge projects that encompass shopping mal ls, markets, hotels, theatres, restaurants and clubs. Within just a short distance of the world-famous corner of Hol lywood & Vine, a new complex “Blvd. 6200” wil l include 1,000 apartments as wel l as neighborhood friendly retail and restaurants. Spacious underground parking wil l accommodate residents as wel l as provide ample parking for the adjacent Pantages Theatre.


The other high profile project nearby is the new W Hotel and Hol lywood & Vine

Tower. In addition to the hotel atop the Metrorail station, there wil l be a total of

375 apartments and 145 luxury condominiums.



The Old Equitable Building

, built in 1929, is being reborn for a new generation as the Lofts @ Hol lywood and Vine. It wil l offer 60 residential units as wel l as several offices. Ground floor includes the Hol lywood & Vine Restaurant and nightclub, to say nothing of the ever-desirable Hol lywood Boulevard address. The Broadwayat 1645 Vine Street has been part of Hol lywood for nearly 80 years, and its roof sign and Renaissance stylings are a familiar part of the local l andscape. It’s made the transition from department store to office building to 100 condos some with large private balconies and terraces. Film buffs wil l recognize it immediately from the classic 1936 Charlie Chaplin movie Modern Times, and its historic character wil l remain.  In the pipeline are other new projects as wel l. The Hol lywoodon McCadden Place

features 54 condos with an interesting interior courtyard and international design.  Hol lywood Flatsat 1427 N. Cole wil l soon break ground for 48 condominiums.  And 7060 Hol lywood wil l soon be another prestigious address on the world famed boulevard. These are just a sampling of nearly 30 residential developments that wil l bring change to Hol lywood in the 21st Century.