Issue Winter 2009 - 2010

June Wayne A Lifetime of Lithography

June Wayne’s life and her work spans the decades from World War II to the present. Her art that includes paintings, three dimensional work and tapestries is remarkable in that as she moved into new ...

Jayma Mays Living

It began gradually, but once actress Jayma Mays’ career broke, she was on her way. Today with “Glee,” the Fox TV hit show, husband, actor Adam Campbell (also a rising star), a recent move to the Los ...

The Poignant Poinsettia

The spectacular plant that makes its grand entrance each holiday season has distinctive American roots that spans centuries and cultures.

Castillo Del Lago

A house which stretches a hundred or more feet from bottom to top is a house with extremes of geography and engineering. Add elements of myth and legend - gangsters, speakeasies, celebrities - to a ...
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