Issue: Issue Spring 2010

A Hollywood Success Story

By: DH
Chaz Dean is more than a hair stylist who appears on television more frequently than his celebrity clients. He is one of this town’s brightest stars, a visionary entrepreneur and a true Hollywood success story.

Like many “overnight successes,” Chaz attributes his success to his upbringing. Adopted a birth, he grew up nurtured by loving and supportive parents who worked hard to provide for their family instilling strong values in both Chaz and his sister, Joanne. “My first job was a paper route and I’ve been working ever since,” Chaz proudly states.

The story begins not in Hollywood but in the San Fernando Valley where Chaz had settled in 1985. He had initially pursued a career in photography before beginning his cosmetology studies. Before striking out on his own, he worked in an established Bel Air salon and found that he was not only good at styling hair, he was also quite good at managing a business. It wasn’t long before he established his own Bel Air salon and began attracting the attention of celebrity clients.

Noticing that traditional shampoos helped dry hair and fade color, Chaz began experimenting on natural herbal formulations brewing combinations of select plants, herbs and natural ingredients. “Initially, I would try out these on myself lining up the bottles in my shower and gradually, by trial and error, came up with a formula that worked,” he says. It was 1993 and close to the time that his mother was diagnosed with cancer. “It was very important to me that the ingredients not only worked but were totally safe and sulfate-free.”

“I always liked to cook and experiment with different ingredients and flavors,” Chaz related. “It didn’t seem unusual to me to combine herbs, plants, vegetables and fruit together to make a natural product that was good for you.”

A true pioneer in the green movement, Chaz painstakingly tested the products for five years before the official debut. Once tested and approved for mass consumption, Chaz began using the products exclusively in his Bel Air salon. Clients like Jennie Garth and Nicollette Sheridan were some of the first to try Dean’s shampoo-free cleansers at his namesake salon and the WEN line was launched.

When his mother became ill, Chaz knew that to get through this life transition, alignment with a Higher Power was required and he began a journey into spirituality, self awareness and meditation. In 1997, he began his search for a new home more suited to his evolving spiritual philosophy. With real estate prices heading upward on the west side, his realtor suggested locations in the Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Although cautioned that some of his clientele might not wish to venture too far east of La Cienega, his realtor found a rundown property in the heart of Hollywood that caught his eye. It was an old Hollywood arts and crafts bungalow that had been a film editing business. It had certainly seen better days, as had Hollywood in the mid-90’s, but it had ample room for parking and still retained the character reminiscent of the era in which it was built.

In 1993, an adjacent bungalow was acquired and not long after, a third structure was added and to what today has evolved into a beautiful and tranquil compound that serves as headquarters to the Chaz Dean WEN product empire and studio. For what had evoked dire warnings that “no one would go that far east” is now a destination for beauty and self discovery for scores of clients from all directions.

WEN product line has proven a great success for Dean.

Upon entering the relaxing haven of Chaz Dean Studio, you first notice the subtle soothing sound of rippling water in fountains placed around the grounds. Entering the reception area, candles glow and the scent of live orchids fill the air. Every detail has been carefully chosen to create a serene and calming environment.

The compound consists of three buildings. The original studio, a two story structure, and the “new” studio have contrasting décor. The “new” studio was recently featured on the Bravo reality show “Flipping Out”; viewers will experience the transformation of this space in the show’s upcoming season. The third building, across an inner courtyard, houses the reception area, boutique and administrative offices.

After experiencing Chaz Dean Studio, it is evident how Chaz has successfully achieved his vision of honoring the whole person through exceptional service, beautifying the physical as well as the spiritual. This vision began to take form in 1997 upon converting the old Hollywood Craftsman into an oasis - a nurturing, peaceful haven from the frenetic energy of the city.

Chaz Dean Studio is a continually evolving picture of Chaz's beliefs of Wholeness, Harmony, Balance and the authentic natural beauty we all contain. His dedication to the completion of this vision for each and every client celebrity or not. Through the years, the products and the man have generated a loyal following.

Inspirational, trailblazing and passionate, Chaz Dean has single-handedly transformed the beauty industry with the wildly successful WEN line. He is regularly featured on QVC and as the star of the record-breaking Guthy-Renker’s WEN Hair Care infomercial.

He appears more frequently on television than most of his actor clients, but he has remained true to himself. Humble and dedicated, hardworking and passionate, Chaz Dean is one of this town’s brightest stars, a visionary entrepreneur and a true Hollywood success story.