Issue: Issue Summer 2012

From the Editor

Transform:  To change in form, appearance, or structure.

                In 2007, Paramount's Transformer action thriller  burst on the scene and a new film franchise was born that has captured the imagination of our new techno-oriented generation. 

                Hollywood defines "transform."  Originally a sleepy, community of gentleman farmers tending lemon and avocado groves, this idyllic town transformed almost overnight when Cecil B. DeMille and Jesse Lasky arrived on the scene.

                Film transformed entertainment and the fledgling industry transformed everything in its path.  In a few decades, an unprecedented building boom changed not only Hollywood, but the entire region.  The history of Paramount Pictures which celebrates its centennial this summer is synonymous with the development of Hollywood and the evolution of entertainment and its needs continues to this day.

                Yet, remarkably, in the midst of this growing metropolis, Griffith Park, the largest urban park in the United States, defies imagination.  In 2008, a major fire destroyed many of the non-native trees in park.  The loss of its native wildlife was heartbreaking.  But like the proverbial phoenix, the native brush has rebounded, wildlife returned.  In addition to the raccoons, possums, deer, bobcats and the wily coyote, a recent sighting of a mountain lion was proof that "urban wilderness" is not an oxymoron.  In addition to the flora and fauna, James Bartlett, explores the many modes of transportation that can be experienced at the park.  Hiking, biking, walking, pony rides, horseback riding, trams, golf carts, merry-go-rounds, a railroad and spaceship!  There's no doubt that Griffith W. Griffith's is a gift that has kept on giving also for over 100 years.

                I still think of Los Angeles as a "young" city, but centennial celebrations are happening with more and more frequency.  In addition to Paramount  Pictures, Universal Studios is also marking its 100 anniversary.  More and more neighborhoods such as the Hollywood Grove, a delightful collection of turn of the century craftsman bungalows is Hollywood's most recently declared historic district.

                What a remarkable place where we can honor the past and work toward the creation of the future be it entertainment, our heritage, or take a hike in the park.  Yes, indeed, we have a lot to celebrate!  Enjoy the summer.