Issue: Fall 2013

Letter from the Editor

Fall—it seems—is everyone’s favorite time of year.   You might even see a glowing red maple tree as you drive through the neighborhood.  It always seems like a miracle to me.  How can that be?  I always thought you needed a cold snap to make leaves turn, but there’s something in the DNA of a maple tree makes the leaves turn even in our balmy Southern California climate.

Seeing our exciting cover, there’s no doubt that Fall has arrived and in Los Angeles, Dia de La Muerto is becoming part of our culture.  Still not as popular as Halloween, yet more sacred and mysterious. I love the tradition of it—honoring, celebrating  and even partying with our ancestors and loved ones who are no longer with us. It’s an ancient tradition filled with a bravado facing our inevitable conclusion without fear. Very special indeed!

As a time for ghosts and goblins, the city most fascinated with the unseen is Savannah, Georgia, the most haunted  city in the U.S. But there’s more to find there than a fright or two.  A few days’ visit wasn’t nearly enough to take in all the history, the ghosts and to visit all the movie locations. I’m looking forward to a return visit and loved exploring a wonderful city with a great Hollywood connection.

Now that everyone’s returned from summer vacations, it’s time to get ready to party with Halloween and Thanksgiving around the corner, and to prepare for the upcoming holidays.  Shauna McClure gives us a few suggestions.  One thing for sure: when it comes to partying, in Hollywood we’re the experts and there’s literally a place for every size and description for a fun time.

With Fall, our thoughts also turn to our young people as they return to school.  Fortunately, along with our many schools, both public and private, we have a number of great community organizations who devote their time, money and energy to our kids.  We are an interesting community, diverse ethnically and economically.  I think that’s what makes us a real—vs “reel” place.  Being part of the real world has its challenges, particularly here in this very urban section of the second largest U.S. city.  This fact seems to catch our visitors by surprise but it adds to our excitement.  There’s always a buzz of some kind in Hollywood.

So bravely step out, don a costume, paint your face, plan your next affair.  It’s time to party!