Summer 2015
Historical Perspectives: Hollywood visits Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia. From historian and author, Marc Wanamaker, a comprehensive history of Universal Studio as the studio celebrates its 100th birthday. Suzanne Birrell provides insight to one man's pipe dream to bring water to a desert.

Mulholland's Pipe Dream

In 1905 a self educated man of vision, convinced the Los Angeles City fathers to invest in his pipe dream to bring water to a thirsty desert, laying the groundwork for the city we have today.

Universal Studios, A Corporate Odyssey

For 103 years Universal is the oldest motion picture studio still in operation in the Hollywood area and this year Universal Hollywood is celebrating its 100 year Anniversary on its present studio ...

Discover Richmond & Williamsburg

History can be an adventure in a book, on the screen or on a vacation. A visit to Williamsburg and Richmond Virginia provides a glimse into the history of our country plus a bit of history in ...
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