Issue: Summer 2015

Why I Love Hollywood

John Kerwin

Why I love Hollywood by John Kerwin

I love a city with a sense of humor…and Hollywood is funny.   I'm originally from Queens, New York and Hollywood always seemed magical to me.  In college, I walked along campus during blizzards singing "California Dreaming."  My fraternity friends would call me, "Hollywood."  

When I finally moved out here, I immediately moved into the Alto Nido Apartment building, featured in the film, "Sunset Boulevard."  In fact, I used to WATCH Sunset Blvd. on my VCR, in that little apartment.  I remember seeing a Gold Mercedes with the license plate:  IKE TURNER on it. I pulled and right next to it and, sure enough, he rolls down the window and says, "That's right, I'm Ike Turner, Motherf&*$ker!" 

At CBS Studios in Hollywood, I was a champion contestant on Hollywood Squares - years later I had the host, Tom Bergeron on my show.  One question which won me 15K was, "Which actress has an Oscar-Winning Mom - Melanie Griffith, Kate Hudson or Gwyenth Paltrow?"  I'll let you look that up.  I was the house emcee at The Hollywood Improv, and it was there that I discovered that I was a talk show host.  I also remember my first Hollywood party.  I walked in the door and the first image was a woman weighing one of her breasts on a drug scale. 

I like going to Hollywood Forever Cemetery on balmy, summer nights for Cinespia, which shows classic movies on a giant mausoleum wall.  Walking back, I never forget to visit the statue memorial for Toto from "The Wizard of Oz." 

As for me, I appreciate the careers of people like Ryan Seacrest and Carson Daly - they immerse themselves in work - TV, radio, award shows - that's the Hollywood-type career that I want.  And to one day be able to say, "That's right, I'm John Kerwin, Motherf&%$er!." 

  • The multiple-award winning late night talk show "The John Kerwin Show" is taped live before a studio audience in Hollywood. Since 2001 the show has featured prominent and memorable guests such as Bruce Dern, Brian McKnight, Tom Bergeron, Steve Wozniak, Antonio Sabato, Jr., Eric Roberts, and Cloris Leachman. "The John Kerwin Show" airs nationally every week on JLTV.