Issue: Spring 2016

From The Editor

Although the deluge may arrive with April flowers, it seems that El Nino was a bust at least in Southern California.  Thankfully, northern reservoirs are filling and the High Sierra snowpack will guarantee that we won't dry up and blow away any time soon.

Does it seem that we're always boom or bust, wet or dry, high or low? I'd like a little more of somewhere in the middle for a change.

If there's one thing that I've learned in over 35 years of community involvement is that in this community of Hollywood, there is never a dull moment,

Reading Rachel Flanagan's Max Factor article, I was awed by all of his accomplishments, his inventions and, most of all, that he coined the term "make-up."  Thankfully, Donelle Dadigan has lovingly preserved the elegance of his salon complete with his kissing machine and beauty calibrator inventions. Not only that, she's filled two floors above with a treasure trove of film and television memorabilia.

Speaking of treasure, this year the Hollywood Farmers Market celebrates its 25th Anniversary. This is THE place to see the face of our community, buy great produce and other food items.  It didn't take 25 years, though, for the market to become a Hollywood community tradition and a Sunday gathering place. Kim Sudhalter takes us on a tour of the market, past and present.

Crossroads of the World is home base for Discover Hollywood, but we are only one of many tenants who enjoy the ambiance and beautiful courtyards of this landmark complex.  Three fashion businesses, Grau, Hats by Montez, and SOL Los Angeles work in three separate fashion genres but all are inspired by this oasis on bustling Sunset Boulevard. Crossroads is one of the creative centers of Hollywood

It seems there's never a dull moment in this industry town. Actors coming and going, buildings going up and going down. Real estate is our second industry from new creative office space and multi-storied apartment buildings to hillside homes such as Michal C. Hall's Los Feliz L.A. home now awaiting a new owner.

The only thing we lack is a bit more rain.  Maybe next year… Meanwhile enjoy the ups and downs of the Hollywood Merry-go-round.  Put Spring in your step and get out and enjoy all we have to offer.