Issue: Spring 2017

Spring Reading

It seems that there’s always more to say about such iconic persons such as Judy Garland. Luft and Garland were married for 13 years (1952-1965), and together—on and off and on again—for two decades. Sid was mad for Judy from the day he met her, and Judy and I is his long-lost love letter to his legendary wife and an intimate portrait of their lives and creative work together. A delicious read for Judy fans and anyone interested in Old Hollywood, Judy and I covers the highs (The Palace, A Star is Born, Carnegie Hall, The Judy Garland Show) and the lows (the addictions, the ugly spiral towards divorce)—much of which was not previously known.

Tommy Roe, member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and The Hit Parade Hall of Fame takes us on a journey From Cabbagetown to Tinseltown and places in between. Born in the “Cabbagetown” section of Atlanta, this intimate memoir journeys from his modest upbringing to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. A career that spans decades counting more than 30 million records sold including 47 Top 40 singles worldwide, six of which making the Top 10 in the U.S., and two, “Sheila” in 1962 and 1969’s smash “Dizzy” topping the Billboard charts, Tommy pulls no punches and tells it like it was, and in many cases still is. This is not only the story of a life, but also a story that many inside the entertainment industry would prefer nobody ever hears. This isn’t just his story… it’s history!

Freeze Frame: Second Cut is an amazing tenth-anniversary reworking of Douglas Kirkland’s original best-selling collection offering readers a closer look at the award-winning photographer’s greatest images. It includes additional photographs (from the year 2000 to present) along with recollections of interactions between photographer and subject—both on set and in private. Beginning with his work for Look and Life magazines, Douglas Kirkland spring boarded to international fame with his celebrity photography and is now the most important photographer of these subjects in the world. It’s an impressive “coffee table book” is chock-full of portraits of the most illustrious and talented movie stars, directors, and performers from Angelina Jolie and Bridgitte Bardot to Baz Luhrmann and Robin Williams.