Discover Hollywood Winter 2020
Discover Hollywood's Winter 2020 issue brings you articles on the Immaculate Heart Community and Corita Kent, Los Feliz, and a new shared workspace making waves in Hollywood called Second Home. As always, special events, gallery, theatre, and museum listings, and so much more are inside.

Hollywood's Second Home

This environmentally and community conscious space serves as a disruptor in the saturated field of Shared Workspaces.

Immaculate Heart Community: A Story for the Ages

Throughout the 1960’s, Immaculate Heart College welcomed activists engaged in the Civil Rights and anti-war movement with a speaker series open to the public. The times were changing.

Tam o'Shanter: Walt Disney Ate Here

The waitstaff wears plaid, the prime rib is cut perfectly, & the scotch goes down smooth. Is it any surprise that this fantasyland was where Walt Disney went for lunch & creative inspiration?