Spring 2020
  • Rushing to the Future
  • DeLongpre & Redmond
  • The Formosa Restaurant
  • A Tree Grew in Hollywood
  • LA After Sunset
  • Spring Reading

Rushing to the Future

In the rush to the future, it might be time to reflect on the past, the distant past rather than on building sites and numbers. In our rush to the future, the remnants of our past may be lost.

DeLongpre and Redmond

Neither Granville Redmond nor Paul DeLongpre worked in the movies as a scenery painter or special effects artist. But each, nonetheless, made a mark on Hollywood’s beginnings.

The Formosa

To say that The Formosa has a dark and speckled past would be an understatement. Situated at Formosa Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd., it withstood encroachment by the adjacent West Hollywood Gateway.

Heart of Hollywood

Gensler, one of the country’s leading urban architectural firms, was retained to work on a “Master Plan” for the historic Walk of Fame with the goal of designing a more pleasant, cohesive, and ...
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A Tree Grew in Hollywood

Coke in hand, I happily watched the passing parade of Boulevard regulars and freaks...

L.A. After Sunset

Photographer Connie Conway shares images that capture the beauty and essence of Los Angeles' dramatic transformation after sunset in her book, L.A. After Sunset.

Why I Love Hollywood - Laurence Juber

London had The Beatles’ Abbey Road Studios, but LA had Sunset Sound, Radio Recorders, Western, Capitol—studios with a magical resonance, which fueled my own intention to become a studio musician.

Spring Reading

Frida in America, Phantom Lady, Aren't You Forgetting Someone?, When Harry Met Cubby, The Big Goodbye, and Pinot Noir.